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This awesome idea was sent to be one of our readers Sabrina. I thought it was brilliant!

She writes…

“We’ve started our “birthday season” today, it seems like every weekend for the next couple of months we have a party to go to. So I’ve been doing the usual and buying the reusable bags from Toys R Us to wrap my gifts.  But as I was watching the little birthday girl open her presents today I noticed that so many people had brought their gifts in the traditional gift bags. The majority of them we’re thrown into the trash along with the tissue paper and wrapping paper. Although these bags are great when reused, they rarely are.  I know personally that when I give them as gift bags the parents are more grateful than the children. They love using them as grocery bags or reusing them as gift bags. They are only $1.49 at Toys R Us and come in different designs. There are many places that sell reusable bags but I’ve found that Toys R Us has the cutest designs.”

Thanks so much Sabrina for the great idea!

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    happy mom says:

    I LOVE this idea! great!

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