Media Sale at Borders!

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This inside scoop was sent to me by Kali, a local mom and employee at Borders Costa Mesa. She writes:

“Borders Costa Mesa now has tons of DVDs and CDs at 50% off as we are getting ready for a slight remodel and we will be using the space for more books. We will still carry multimedia, just not as much as we have previously. Right now we still have Dora, Elmo and more at 50% off and of course stuff for mom and dad to choose from too. Most other Borders in Orange County will have similar sales going on although the selection may differ from store to store, and the Tustin store’s sale is over already.”

Thanks Kali for the heads up!  Time to stock up on our Dora DVDs!!! 

Borders Costa Mesa
1890 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa


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    Thanks for the post- I was in a Borders about a month ago to pick up something for school in a rush. I didn’t have time to look around but passed the DVD section that was 50 percent off. I think I’m going to swing by today and see what I can find. I love clearances!!

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    Of course, I see this after working in CM all weekend!!!

    And I was just in CM this morning…

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