I Can Breathe Again

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I was in my prenatal yoga class one night, and we were going around the room (per the teacher’s request) sharing our due date along with any tip that we had to share.   One mom-to-be shared she had found “bra extenders” at Target.  She raved about how much more comfortable she was since using them because of how tight her bras had become over the course of her pregnancy.

I went right out and bought a pack that week.  They are at Target in the bra department, on the rack of “bra accessories.”  The company on the pack is “Lingerie Solutions” and they were really cheap. I  want to say they were around $3 for 3 sets: nude, black and white.   Unfortunately I couldn’t find them online on the Target site.

Let me tell you, these things are a God send!  I don’t like buying many bras during pregnancy, because of how much my body changes from month to month.   One bra bought today might be like a torture device around my ribs by next month.   These little bra extenders give you a couple inches more breathing room so you can use either on your regular bras in the beginning, or on your maternity bras towards the end.    Super brilliant product, just had to share!

And, are MUCH cheaper than buying new bras!

I also found them online at Kmart, Walmart and the Lingerie Solutions website.


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  1. 1

    I learn something everyday. I wish I would have known this with my last pregnancy. I was in pure torture!! Great tip- I always learn something from your great blog. You have the best products!!

  2. 2
    mom2three says:

    wow – this is great! i always struggle with the whole bra dilemma during pregnancy. this is perfect!

  3. 3
    suzanne says:

    These have also been perfect for me! I first found them at Pea in the Pod (for $6 for 2!) and was happy to find the cheaper ones at Target!!

  4. 4
    TS says:

    They also carry them at Kohls. That’s where I bought them during my pregnancy. They have two different "2 hook" sizes as well as the "3 hook" variety, and each pack comes with a white, tan and black extender. They were about $3 as well, though I don’t remember the brand. I believe they’re also on Kohls.com, but I needed immediate breathing relief, so I just went in to the store!

  5. 5
    Kara-Noel says:

    I could use those now!

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