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The stainless steel refrigerator has probably posed the same challenge for moms everywhere – where do we display our child’s art when you can’t stick them on the fridge door??  Now that Emma is coming home from her little weekly (pre) pre-school class with art projects, I have been sort of struggling with how to display them. 

My girlfriend sent me this link to a product called Work of Art Clips on Land of Nod.  It’s a cute and decorative way to display your little budding Picasso’s first works!    Perfect solution to the display challenge, and at $9.95, it’s easy on the budget too!

Email me by 5pm today to enter the Baby Loves Disco giveaway of 4 free tickets for Saturday’s event!  Click here for details!


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    What a cute idea!! My daughter is in preschool and my son will also start attending in September. Double the projects.Thanks!!

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