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I will blame it on the pregnancy, but I have to admit I am a bit hormonal lately.  The littlest sentimental things will make me tear up or cry. Did anyone see Darius Rucker perform his new song on Oprah, “It Won’t Be Like This For Long?” Just click and read those lyrics, I was seriously in TEARS watching him.  My husband was looking at me a little frightened, as he should be.  

In any case, I came upon this darling company, Frecklebox not too long ago and when I saw the book, “Look Whose Going to be a Big Sister” I had to get it.    Just recently, I have started to talk to Emma more and more about the baby coming and what it will be like to be a big sister. 

The book is just too sweet for words!  Her cute little name is featured throughout the book, and it tells the story of a big sister (or you can make it a big brother!) getting ready for their little sibling to arrive.  You can personalize it with names and it ends with an actual picture of her and  the sentiment of “Emma, no one will ever take the place of you!”  I was teary eyed the entire book!  It seriously made me cry.  She absolutely loves it and gets the biggest kick out of seeing her name on every page and her picture in the end.   This will be a keepsake we will have for a very long time to come.     

This company has the absolute cutest personalized products and they are super reasonable!  They have books, coloring books for party favors, stickers, puzzles, placemats, growing charts and more!   Check out the website to see all the different items.   I think the “Happy Birthday” book would make a great and unique birthday gift.  One that will last far longer than likely any toy you could buy!   

When creating a product to order, you are able to preview each page with your personalized name.   Ordering it is almost as much fun!   

Hooray!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!   Frecklebox is giving away a personalized product of your choice to one lucky winner!    To enter, please do the following:

1. Send an email to
2. Include your first and last name and mailing address
3. Tell me: Which product would you choose to order if you were the winner?  Click here to see their product gallery!

You can enter all week, just have your emails in before 5pm PST on Friday, May 15th.    Good luck!!!


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  1. 1

    I’m so entering this giveaway!! I must get a Happy Birthday Book for my daughter!!

  2. 2
    Maureen says:

    I’d love the personalized books (we have the color books and they are great!). Thanks, Maureen

  3. 3
    Maureen says:

    I’d love the personalized books (we have the color books and they are great!). Thanks, Maureen

  4. 4
    melissa says:

    Any discount codes for purchasing through your website ad???

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    Yes! Just found out you can use coupon code "friends" for 10% off!!

  6. 6
    melissa says:

    Yeah! Awesome! I’m going online to order 5 books for friends I’m going to be visiting!! Perfect thank you gift!

  7. 7
    Christina Bowman says:

    As the lucky winner of this contest, I must say that these books are fabulous! I made one for my daughter called "Taylor Saves the Earth". I just received it today in the mail and it is wonderful! I would definitely recommend these books for a special gift for any age child!I think I may even make one for my classroom. Instead of using a name, I will use "The students in Room 70 Save the Earth". So much fun!!!

  8. 8
    Jen says:

    Hi Christina!!!
    Wait until tomorrow’s post to enter!!! I have a coupon code for 20% from Frecklebox!!!!
    So glad you loved the book!

  9. 9

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