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I have never been a traditional scrapbooking person.  In the “olden days” before digital cameras, my photos would collect in those photo storage boxes and I would get so behind and overwhelmed I would never get them into albums.  Then came the digital camera, which I LOVE, but now I have files and files of pictures on my computer and rarely get prints.   So, the challenge has been, how do I get these priceless photos into albums so that our family can enjoy them?  

About 3 years ago I got introduced to Heritage Makers,  a way that you can do your scrapbooks digitally, and it has been the perfect answer!   You can sign up for a FREE account, choose your album size and template, upload your pictures from your computer and work away without any mess or clean-up.    

The super cool thing is that they are web-based, so you don’ t have to download any software to your computer, and you are not limited to working from one computer.    Have a laptop in your kitchen?  You can grab 20 minutes to do a few pages after lunch! 

For this mom that loves Photoshop, their program has Photoshop capabilities that can allow you to get really creative in the design once you get the hang of it.

The company’s mission is to strengthen home and family by helping you create your family’s heritage.   So, these are not only albums that your family will enjoy, but albums that will be passed down through the generations as well.  

They also have lots of other products as well…cookbooks, calendars, planners, invitations, cards, announcements…all you can create and customize yourself with your own photos.   Check the website to see all their products.

Two quick things to mention!   If you have those shoe boxes of prints and want to get them on to your computer, they offer a scanning service for as low as $.19 a scan!  Perfect option if you are doing a special album for your parents or grandparents and want to use “old” photos.  

Also, Lisa (a TOTAL sweetheart) holds free workshops at her house in San Juan Capistrano to help you get started.  So, if you sign up and want some hands-on help, you can contact her for more details.  If you have friends that are interested, you can also host a workshop at your house and receive free products. 

Contact Lisa Baker for more information:
Phone: 949.493.8686

Hooray!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!  Heritage Makers is giving away a free 8 x 8 digital scrapbook to one lucky winner!  

To enter, send an email to  In the email include:

1. First name and last initial
2. Tell me: Which product would you like to create first?  Click here to see all the options!

You can enter all week, just have your emails in before 5pm PST on Friday, June 5th.    Have a great Monday!  Can you BELIEVE it is already JUNE?!?!


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  1. 1

    What a great idea!! I am not a traditional scrapbooking person either and I have seriously thousands of digital images just sitting there. I seriously need to make some digital scrapbooks!!

  2. 2
    Laura D says:

    Hello, It says up above that the dippin dots winner is Laura D. If this is true!!! How exciting!!!! How do I claim the prize? Thanks

  3. 3
    Jen says:

    Congrats Laura! Enjoy your Dippin’ Dots!

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