Natural Mom & Baby Bazaar

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Just wanted to share a fun event happening tomorrow…

Natural Mom and Baby Bazaar 
Wednesday, June 10th
Whole Foods Market at The District
2847 Park Avenue
Tustin, CA 92782

10:00 – 11:30am – FREE!

This fun event and informative morning is geared towards the natural mom!   Join HAPPYBaby and YoBaby at 11:00am for a free cooking class, enjoy free samples for moms & babies, listen to an Eco Mom presentation from a local green mom, ask questions to Natural Health experts and sample HAPPYBaby’s new organic raw juice bar.


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    I’m actually going to be in the Tustin area tomorrow and will make sure to check it out. We’ve tried the yobaby yougurt and can’t wait to try the juice bar. Thanks for the tip.

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