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When Emma was born, a family friend made us a rag quilt, which I adored.  It was perfect for the newborn days when they spend so much time lying on the living room floor. When I found Pretty Dreams online, I was so excited because it really was one of our most used gifts and now I have a place to order them!

Pretty Dreams is a company that allows you to create your own rag quilted gifts like blankets, burp cloths, diaper cakes, rag quilts and more.

What is a rag quilt you ask? A rag quilt is a quilt that is put together with a front piece of material, a middle piece called “batting” and another back piece of material. The sandwich like squares are then sewn with an “X” in the middle to hold the batting in place. The batting helps keep your quilt really warm, soft and cozy and it helps your quiltlast a very long time.

They also make the CUTEST diaper cakes, which include a rag quilt gift(s), diapers (of course!) and the option to do a beautiful floral arrangement at the top. I think this is a fantastic shower gift, hospital gift, or new baby gift! They even offer delivery. Here is one of their diaper cakes with a floral arrangement:

And, if you choose any quilt with the Breast Cancer Awareness pattern, Pretty Dreams will donate 10% to the Hoag Hospital Breast Care Center.  Don’t you just love a company with a heart?


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