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Throughout the year we get together for holidays, school functions, sporting events and family activities. But SUMMER should be the time to relax and soak up some good old-fashioned “no other reason than for the season” celebrating.  As a busy mom and business owner of, Noel Vogt, who still loves to entertain, has put together a Get Together that is simple, fun and stylish, just the thing for your summer festivities.  She writes…

The Food:  Don’t try to do it all. Summer is a perfect time for pot lucks and picnics. Set the theme with a main dish and suggest your guests bring the appetizers, sides and desserts that compliment the theme. This gives everyone a chance to be creative and share their special recipes. No more humdrum potato salad and onion dip. To keep it simple you can find delicious “fast food” at specialty markets or places like Trader Joes. One of their chefs provided our family with three great summer BBQ recipes, which take no time at all to prepare. Temp your taste buds with these simple but not so traditional ideas for the grill. One only requires a TJ’s bottled up marinade.
Kansas City Baby Back Ribs 
Thai Chix Satay 
Grilled Halibut with Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Fun:  The temperature goes up and your entertainment space goes out. Summer is perfect for entertaining outdoors and so easy to keep simple. It’s amazing what a little festive music and a colorful cold beverage will do for atmosphere. Might I suggest the universal appeal of Jack Johnson, and others from his genre, accompanied by a pseudo island cocktail such as Pacific Splash.  Add a couple of classic games like horseshoes, croquet or badminton and you’ll magically transport your guests into vacation land.

The Style:  Color is back and a summer soiree is exactly where it should be found. No need to get crazy with inflatable palm trees and plastic leis. Keep is classy. Decide on a festive color palette and carry it throughout, using coordinating invitations, party favors, tableware and much more to give your party that put together look.

Tying elements from your invite to the elements of your party is easy with GeTogethers Stationery and Paper Products. Every classic GeTogethers design theme or color pallet seamlessly coordinates with whimsical icons, tall and trendy cards and envelopes, and fancy papers, allowing infinite possibilities for celebrating in style. Round it all out with coordinating solid color tableware and you are set to go.
So, get the party started. It’s that simple!


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    I’m going to be throwing a summer party in the next couple of weeks- This is just what I needed to read!! Great guest posts!! I’m loving all of them!!

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