Guilt-Free Kid TV!

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These days I admit, I have to rely on TV a bit to entertain my daughter!   I love finding shows that are guilt-free because they are also somewhat educational.  

Word World on PBS Kids is a great new find, as it an entertaining show combining wacky characters and fun adventures, all in the spirit of teaching words and letters.   Learning to read has never been so much fun!  My daughter is mesmerized by it.  

It’s on at 5:30pm at our house, perfect show to put on at the end of a busy day while you are trying to make some dinner!


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    Rachel says:

    We LOVE Word World at my house. We record a bunch of them and watch them over and over again. Plus, they now carry the World World toys at Target and that entertains my two for hours!

  2. 2
    mom2three says:

    We love Word World too! My 2, 4 and 7 years olds all enjoy it. And Super Why (PBS too) is a great one. It’s for beginning readers but appeals to all ages as well.

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