Yo! New Ideas for Yogurt!

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Both of these ideas got passed on to me by friends.   Isn’t it good to have mommy friends to share their tips?

For a healthy treat this summer (or anytime!)  try freezing the squeezable tube yogurt.   It is a refreshing treat for little ones and will feel like a popsicle (only healthier!)  

And, for a healthy treat with less mess when you are on the go, pack a straw! Puncture a small hole in the top, so your kids can actually “drink” the yogurt when out and about.  I have found this makes them WAY less messy and they don’t get squeezed all over the place.


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    Great ideas! I love the idea of a straw and a frozen treat! Yipee for mommy friends! Thanks for sharing!

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    mom2three says:

    oh my gosh, the straw tip is genius! simple things like that can make such a difference – thank you!

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