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Hi there! I originally posted another blog today sent to me by Kristin Eldridge (of the fabulous Kristin Eldridge Photography) on an art location for kids in Long Beach, but one of my great readers informed us that the location closed just this week!   Thanks for the info!  Check out Kristin’s blog for some amazing pics that she was nice enough to take of my girls this week.  She is so incredibly talented!

Here is another guest blog for those looking for cute kids’ room decor!  Annika writes…

“Next month we will transition my son to a big boy bed and a new room (yes, we’re a little worried about doing it all at once!) Well, I think I may have found something to make the move a little bit easier for him: adorable wall decals to decorate his new space.

Cutey Baby makes these great removable decals in a variety of designs to add the perfect amount of flair to any child’s room! There are a ton of designs – Monkeys, Pirates, Fairies, Beach Designs and Jungle Animals – to name a few. We picked “Work Trucks #1 and #2” since Adam is such a truck fanatic.

All the designs are hand drawn and very cute. And the best part is when he grows out of his truck phase and embarks on his next thing we can just peal them off and start over! They are available online at”

Annika is the mompreneur behind BurpieBlocker, the burp cloth that does not fall off your shoulder. She lives in Orange County, CA with her son Adam and her husband, Chris.

BurpieBlocker is offering Tiny Oranges readers 10% off their entire order! Use coupon code Tiny10 at checkout. 



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  1. 1
    albert says:

    omg those are so cute! i think my kids would ADORE them! i just ordered these off amazon – cant wait to get them!

    thought id share. thanks for the ideas!

  2. 2
    melissa says:

    The pictures of your girls are amazing on Kristen’s blog…absolutely precious. Congratulations.

  3. 3
    Jen says:

    thanks so much!!! kristin is amazing!

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