Festival of Children

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The 8th annual Festival of Children begins this Friday, September 4th at South Coast Plaza with over 80 charities in attendance.   

The month-long festival,  headquartered around the South Coast Plaza Carousel located in Carousel Court on Level One,  will offer over 100 free family activities and events.   Click here to see the calendar!

Here are just a couple of the fun activities in their month-long event:

Every Friday of September at 11am Moms are invited to grab their toddlers and meet at Carousel Court for “Coffee, Tea, Mommy and Me.”  Moms will enjoy an educational talk followed by an arts & craft project.

New to the festival this year, Color Me Mine will be on hand on September 5, 6, 19, and 20th, where  kids ages 5 – 12 can select and paint their own take-home masterpiece!  Pre-registration is required. Click here  to register online.

South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA


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Tiny Oranges Update

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Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have some fun plans for this last weekend in August. Where on earth did this summer go?

Tiny Oranges moved to a new platform this week, one that provides more opportunity for growth (hooray!) I hope the move was pretty seamless to you as a reader, but if you happen to notice something array, please let me know.  I also would love to hear from you if  there some particular feature you would like to see on Tiny Oranges.   I am on the constant quest to make our blog an ever-evolving fun, resourceful site for all you mamas out there.

You can comment below or email me at jennifer@tinyoranges.com.

We also now have a mobile edition, so if you want to pull up our site on your mobile phone, there should now be a more reader-friendly version for you.   Check it out!

Since I was on the topic of my updates, I wanted to say “hello” to anyone new to my blog  and let you know how to get the most out of your Tiny Oranges experience!

Subscribe!  Anytime there is a new post, you will receive an email and always be up-to-date on the latest and greatest.  Just enter your email address in the box at the top right column of our Home Page then click the little heart to complete the subscription.

Browse the Categories!   There are a whole bunch of Categories for you to get ideas.  You will see it in the right column. Click on it to expand, and then click by Category.    For example, want an Outing Idea?    A fun Park/Playground to meet a friend?  Need a fun Gift Idea?   Those are just a few of many categories you can use to reference!

Forum!  We  have a Forum where you can connect and share with other moms.  It is an easy, one time registration process.   I would love to get more moms participating regularly in the Forum.  I think it is a great  place to exchange ideas!  Will you join us?

Our Picks Directory and Sponsors:   We also have the Our Picks Directory (right hand column) and fabulous Home Page Sponsors, a group of  fabulous, family-oriented businesses that are part of our Tiny Oranges family.  Click and get to know them!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  Email me by 5pm today (PST) to enter to win the Smart Girls Who Surf Grab-N-Go kit!  Details here!  Until Monday…keep cool!  xo Jen

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Darling Droolers!

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Do your little ones love the tags on their loveys just about as much as the lovey itself??  On my oldest daughter’s Angel Dear loveys, the wording on the tag has been completely worn off after years of her tag love.  I have always thought  it was so cute to see  just how soothing a little satin tag can be!

Knowing how much little ones love these tags, I flipped when I saw this cute gift we got for Morgan!  It’s called a  “Ribbon Lovey”  by a company called Darling Droolers.  It’s a square little blankie, one side is satin, the other is a super soft fleecey fabric.  Then, all around the edges are ribbon loops or “tags” in various textures and patterns. 

The logo and lovey were so cute , I had to go online and peruse their other products.  Shop online or click here to see a store that carries their darling stuff.  Lots of fun ideas for baby and shower gifts!

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Guest Blog – Top Ten Snack Ideas

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Guest blog by: Michele, a freelance writer and the mom responsible for Fun Orange County Parks. She’s loves outings with her 7 year old boy and 3 year old girl.

Top Ten Snack Ideas for Park Playdates or All-Day Excursions

I’m not a health or nutrition expert, but I am an expert on trips to the playground and park with hungry kids. Snacks are a necessity and here are some easy ideas for pack-up and go:

1. Frozen Yogurt: Freeze squeezable yogurt for a cool, refreshing treat. They turn out like yogurt Otter Pops.

2. Cheese & Whole Grain: String cheese and whole grain crackers.

3. International Orange: Baby carrots dipped in your favorite hummus.

4. Fruit and Flakes: Toss raisins (or currants or blueberries) together with your favorite healthy cereal.

5. Mix It Up: Make your own trail mix or pick your favorite from the bins at Henry’s or TJ’s nut aisle.

6. Crazy Fruit and Veggies: I buy bags of shredded carrots and call it “Bunny Hay” or there’s even crinkle-cut carrots in some produce sections. Sometimes it just takes cutting something in an odd shape to get kids to eat it. My kids would never eat oranges until I cut them in eighths (instead of peeling them – they didn’t like the white fibers leftover from the peel).

7. Snail Sandwiches: Cut the crust off whole wheat bread. Squish the bread flat with the palm of your hand. Spread on some cream cheese. Chop fruit, veggies, and/or lunch meat very finely and roll. Now cut into slices for snail-shaped sandwiches.

8. Create with Grahams: Make graham cracker sandwiches out of peanut butter, or cream cheese, or even dip them in those to-go applesauce cups.

9. Sweet Treats: Get fruit cups packed in their own juice. Slice apples and pour in a couple tablespoons of Sprite or Fresca to keep them from turning brown (works with lemon or lime juice, too – but some kids don’t like the taste).

10. On-the-Go Lunch: Lunchables (get a pack of 4 for $6.99 at Costco), add a piece of fruit to make a complete meal.

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Calling All Kid Journalists! Win a Hyatt Vacation!

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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa is inviting local kids to participate in the Camp Hyatt ‘On Assignment’ contest, where they have the chance to win a vacation at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa!
My family enjoyed an amazing staycation at the resort last June, click here to read about our stay!

I think entering this would be such a fun project for your kids if you are looking for an end of the summer activity.  Who knows, your budding reporter might win your family a fabulous stay at this incredible property!!!

Here are the details on how to enter!

Kids (ages 6 – 12) will film and submit a 1-2 minute video detailing why they want to be the Camp Hyatt ‘On Assignment’ reporter and which Camp Hyatt activities they would enjoy most and why.

Videos will be submitted by email or mail and sent to the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa, attention Kelly Olsen: kelly.olsen@hyatt.com. Submissions are due by August 31, 2009.

Mailing address:

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa
Attn: Kelly Olsen
21500 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

The kid with the most creative and entertaining video will win an overnight stay at the Hyatt Resort for them and three guests and their own Camp Hyatt experience. Parental consent forms must be completed in order to be considered. For more information on Camp Hyatt at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa click here!

Good luck!

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