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My 3 year 3 month “baby” is starting preschool on Monday.  I can’t believe it!   One of my girlfriends got Emma this Change is Strange book for her birthday called “My First Day of School.”   It has been a big help in preparing her for the big day!

The book follows Charlie (a fun, whimsical alienlike creature) as she gets ready for her first day of school.  Since Charlie is an alien, you can make “it” a boy or a girl!   In our house, Charlie is a girl.  It answers all her questions and addresses her apprehensions about starting school in a fun (yet still informative) way!  

I went to the website and found more great books on situations of change…new baby, moving, letting go of the pacifier, etc.  You can even personalize the books with the child’s name!

Change is strange for this mom too.  I even have some butterflies about her starting school!    I hope that the transition goes fairly smoothly.  However,  I am prepared for some push back and tears.   Maybe she will surprise me.  She has done so before! 

If anyone has any tips on making a smooth transition into preschool, please comment below.  I am taking any and all advice I can from you mommies that have done this before!

Have a great weekend everyone!   For those of you with kids that started school this week – I hope it went well and you are finding your back-to-school groove!  See you Monday (wish us luck on the big day!)  xo Jen


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    mm says:

    To make the drop off easier, its a good idea to go to the preschool ahead of the time with your child. This way they can check out their new surroundings and possibly meet their teacher. Some schools have a \"meet and greet\", but if they dont I recommend setting one up yourself! I know this made it easier for my daughter.

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    I love these books! Thank you so much for reminding me about them. My niece is 3 years, 9 months and LOVES to read. She just started preschool this week also. I cannot believe how fast they grow up. I will definitely look into some of books. My favorite book when I was little was one that was personalized with my own name.

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    Aracely-Daytrippingmom says:

    Both of my kiddos will be off to preschool in two weeks. I\’m excited and a bit sad at the same time. I took my daughter to her school before she started last year to ease her in. We toured the school and the night before we had a celebration to start out the school year.

    She is going to have so much stuff!

  4. 4
    Aracely-Daytrippingmom says:

    I meant to say fun not stuff! lol..

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    Susan says:

    I’m a mother of 3 little ones, ages 5, 3 and 1. My middle son just started preschool this last week. My oldest went to preschool for 2 years. Just remember that it’s harder on you than it is on your little one 🙂 Stay positive about preschool, and let her know that you’ll be back to pick her up. If she cries, do NOT linger and try to calm her down. As hard as it is to see (heartbreaking), your “baby” will calm down sooner if you make a quick exit. Before you know it, she’ll be LOVING preschool and will look forward to it (and so will you). *hugs*

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    Sara Curtis says:

    You should check out this website….
    It is the journey between a Mother and a Son before school starts

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