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Our family visited the new Coastal Peak Park in Newport Coast a few weeks back and it is sure to become one of our new favorites!

Located at the corner of East Coastal Peak and Ridge Park Road, this park has pretty much all the amenities you look for in a park and playground.

The equipment was new (= clean!) and had lots of fun and different activities for little ones.  A huge rock to climb (however this one requires supervision for little kids), rope structures, spinning chairs, walking spheres and a little separate sand box for sand play.  I like it when parks have the equipment on that nice squishy material, and keep the sand separate.

Surrounding the playground is a huge grassy lawn, basketball court, baseball diamond and batting cages.  Nice tables for picnicking were covered by an overhang.   Across the street from the park appeared to be lovely, scenic dirt trail – perfect for a little exercise with your jogger or a spin on your bike. 

The restrooms were also clean.   A necessity in my book when visiting a park!  However, no soap, so remember your antibacterial hand cleanser and baby wipes!

Coastal Peak Park
East Coastal Peak & Ridge Park Road, Newport Coast

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  1. 1
    Rachel says:

    Could you give directions? The link you have send you out to Irvine. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Hi Rachel! I know, I think the actual city address is “Irvine” but it is in Newport Coast. There is a map on the OC Register link, but the Google link above is also correct. Have fun when you go – it’s a great park!

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