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Well the title of my blog  just proves the fact of just how forgetful I really am!   I swore there was a “Little Miss” book called “Little Miss Forgetful”, but when I went to search it online, I just found a “Mr. Forgetful.”   I guess I forgot that “Little Miss Forgetful” didn’t exist!  Hee hee…

Greetings from Newborn Land!  I am happy to say we have survived almost 16 weeks!  Woo hoo!   Things are (dare I even SAY it) going really, really well.   We went through a bit of a rough patch around week 13 when Morgan went through a growth spurt and my milk supply couldn’t keep up – but after a lactation consultation and help from Milkalicious – again, I love that organization, we are back on track.

The scary thing to me lately is just how forgetful and absent-minded I am.  With two kids and all the endless baby/kid gear, it never fails that I get out the door and forget the ONE thing I need.   Just for an example, in the past month I have had these adventures:

Not One More Penny!
I get both kids loaded up in the car to make our first trip to the dentist for Emma.   I miss the exit even though my Garmin is telling me exactly where to go because my 3 year old will not stop talking in the back seat.  We end up 15 minutes late (which totally stresses me out), I unload the kids and get ready to rush in.  I can’t find my keys in the abyss of my diaper bag (even though I have told myself a million times how that won’t happen if I designate one spot in the oh so convenient separate pockets.)     I have to dump my entire bag out and finally find my keys.  I literally am saying to myself “breathe Jen, breathe.”    Then we  get in to the dentist and I realize I forgot my wallet at home in my other purse!!  Luckily I have my credit card # memorized and that is OK with them, so we are all set. That is until we go to leave the parking structure (of course I forgot to validate my ticket) and I owe $2.00.  I am pleading with the attendant to understand my situation and she just stares at me.  I am able to locate $1.30 from my diaper bag, console and under my seat. She finally lets me go as I tell her, “I seriously do not have ONE MORE PENNY!!!”   Geesh!

This is FUN!
I locate the video monitor I need for Morgan.  They only have it at one Babies R Us in Foothill Ranch which is about  25 minutes away from us.  I have a gift card for BRU, therefore I am thrilled to offset the ridiculous expense of this monitor.   Again, I get both kids loaded up.  Not an easy process.   Morgan starts to cry when we are backing out of the driveway.  I do the lean back and return the binky about 10 times.   By the time we hit the freeway, she is SCREAMING.  Is there anything worse than a baby screaming in the car??  Emma is yelling “Morgan is scaring me!”  It is total chaos.   We make it (barely) to BRU.   I unload the stroller, she is still screaming, so we rush to that mother’s room to nurse.   You know it’s bad when people are staring at you in BRU as you walk by with a screaming baby.   We get to the nursing room and Emma is bored so she entertains herself by rolling around and jumping off on the couch in there.     I think of how many kids have been on that couch and I get so grossed out.    I have to put it out of my head.   Then she yells, “this is fun!”  just as I am thinking just how NOT fun it is.   Gotta love kids.   When Morgan is fed and happy, we go to pay for the monitor and guess what I forgot?  Yep, the gift card is at home in my office.

A Grassy Beach Towel and Flats: The Must Have Look This Fall!
I have to get three pairs of pants altered at the alterations place by my house.  It’s a little hole in the wall, so I wait until my mom can come to watch the girls so I can run there solo.  I go get the jeans, get the shoes I want to wear with them so the hem is right, then I remember I am wearing one pair I want altered so  I go to get a skirt to wear home.   When I get there I realize I forgot the skirt even though I made a special trip to get it.    I end up (and I am not kidding) finding a beach towel with grass stuck to it in my trunk from a recent park trip, and I wear the beach towel out of the place with my flats and normal top.  I figure there is  no way am I making ANOTHER trip there!    Especially since I had the luxury of going by myself.    Can you imagine what I looked like walking across the parking lot wearing flats and a grassy beach towel around my waist?   Again, got to keep your sense of humor!

And that is only the tip of the ice berg.   Want to know the one thing I always do?  Count both kids when I get in the car.   Got a chatty 3 year old? Check?  Is the baby there? Check.    I figure as long as I have both kids, I can pretty much forget anything else, and  I am doing OK!


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  1. 1

    I am still cracking up after reading this post! And I mean that in an “I understand, I’m a mom” kind of way. After just finding out I have a little one on the way and that my daughter will be about 3 by the time he or she arrives, it was good to read something that shows the reality of what my future hold!

  2. 2
    Michele says:

    Absolutely hilarious. I love these posts. I can just picture you with the grassy beach towel. You’ll get it back together soon. It’s that lack of sleep.

  3. 3
    Laura D says:

    All I have to say is…. “Girl, you are not alone!!!!”
    This is so funny. I have actually counted my kids on a stressful trip out somewhere. Baaaaad

  4. 4
    celeste says:

    have had the exact same experiences!!!!! forgetting the walet….and i do the check to make sure i have both babes….and that i remembered to buckle them in!

  5. 5
    Shanna says:

    OMG I still can\’t stop l laughing!! This is about the time I ask myself, \"What happened to my life??\" 2 is SOOO much different than 1! Thanks for the reminder to laugh at our crazy days – (I\’m typing this with an 8 mos old sitting on my lap hitting the keyboard with every other word I type….)

  6. 6
    Amy Martinez says:

    Luv that there are quite a few of us mom’s out there 🙂 I have a 2 1/2 yr. old & 2 mo. old baby. It’s crazy, but I have to laugh at those screaming baby in the car moments while the 2 yr old is relentless with “Why is Maya crying?” It’s like, Are you kinding me right now!!!

  7. 7
    Pam says:

    I am dying over the grassy beach towel! Could you even imagine pulling that off before kids? The things we do….

  8. 8
    trina says:

    this is really funny! Don\\\’t forget to write down the really funny ones to look back on one day, cause youll probably forget them! I have! 🙂

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Oh I have so been here. Just recently I was so overwhelmed I actually rearended a car! yes rear ended! I have never been in an accident , and actually consider myself a good driver, but both kids were screaming, the light turns green so I took my foot off the gas and bam, hit the driver in front. The car in front just didnt go when the light turned and I unfortunatley amongst the scraming didnt realize it. I have definatley tried to slow down, take deep breathes and know things arent all bad ; 0 Keep smiling! You are a wonderful mother!! and we all love you!!! thanks for sharing your story! hugs

  10. 10
    Jilleen says:

    I am so glad I am not alone. Thank you for sharing yoru story! 🙂

  11. 11
    Holly says:

    Oh my gosh that was hilarious!! I have a 1 yr old and 4 yr old so you are not alone! I am sure that you have figured this out by now, but keep money in your glove compartment, girl!!! I keep a few fives, and a ton of dollar bills in my car, as well as lots of change for meters. You just never know! (not to mention, when you are out of cash but realllly need a Starbucks!)

  12. 12
    Aracely-Daytrippingmom says:

    This post has me laughing so hard- a tear rolled out.. I can just imagine you rockin that beach towel.. hahaha! Thank you for posting these stories and being so real. It is soooo comforting to know wer are not alone and there are other women going through the same thing. Thank you for being so honest and sharing!

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