Mommy Movie Mondays

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When was the last time you went to the movies?  Did you just laugh because you don’t remember?  I think I have been to TWO movies in the theater over the last 3 1/2 years. Not kidding.  So how fun is this idea??

Krikorian Theatres is running a special event for the month of November called Mommy Movie Mondays where you can actually take your kids to the movies and enjoy a baby-friendly environment where everyone is in the same {understanding} boat!

These special showtimes feature:

*  Convenient stroller check-in
*  Reduced sound levels
*  Dimmed lights (for diaper bag visibility!)
*  10am showtimes
*  Early bird prices

movieMonday0367_2010_5831 This Monday, November 2nd, they are showing the Michael Jackson documentary THIS IS IT in San Clemente.

I actually really want to see that movie.  It’s supposed to be fantastic.

Click HERE for info and showtimes on this film and the others shown on Mommy Movie Mondays.

Have a very safe and fun Halloween!  See you back on Monday!


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