Wordless Wednesday – Another Orange!

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I snapped this pic when were were at the Orange County Great Park for their Snow Day last weekend.  It reminded me of my Tiny Oranges logo!    The Snow Day was hilarious – a whole lot of people but not a whole lot of snow.

Incidentally, did you know you can take a ride on this giant balloon ride for FREE year round?  Click HERE for info and click on over to Angry Julie Monday to see more Wordless Wednesday photos!


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    Andie says:

    How cool! Great picture. I forgot about that hot air balloon ride, something I’m going to schedule with my kids soon – thx for the reminder!!

  2. 2

    We were going to go last weekend. I hesitated. Kelly (Just Spotted) said it seemed that everyone was advertising this event. I then realized, EVERYONE in Orange County was going to be there. So we opted to do something else that day. Great photo though!

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