Pottery Barn Kids Toiletry Bag

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I ordered this cute Pottery Barn Kids toiletry bag for both my girls for Christmas in pink & purple polka dots and I looovveee it!   It is perfect for overnights and I am a sucker for anything personalized!   There are inside compartments ideal for holding a toothbrush, toothpaste, diaper cream, combs, detangler, hair accessories, etc. etc. and a great hook for hanging on a door or towel rack.

Only $16 + $6.50 if you want to personalize.   Right now there is FREE shipping.   I think this would make for an AWESOME, useful gift.  I got my nephew A.J. one for Christmas in the blue camo.  Gotta love those cute AND practical gifts!


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  1. 1
    Debbie C. says:

    How old are your girls? Would this be a good gift for a little girl turning 5?

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Yes!! My girls are 3 1/2 and 7 months, but I think this is a great gift for any kid at any age! She could use it for sleepovers, travel, anything.

  3. 3
    Andrew says:

    Wow these toiletry bags are awesome and look very spacious too. For men toiletry products see this http://dealquad.com/dailycardinal/deals. Best offer to make use of.

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