My Personal “No Phone Zone” Message

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Hey there!  Hope you are enjoying this GORGEOUS Memorial Day Weekend in OC!  Isn’t it an amazing weekend?  Days like this make me feel so blessed to live in Orange County.  I usually don’t post on the weekend, but I have a new post up over at the Orange County Moms Blog that I wanted it share.  It’s about my personal “No Phone Zone” message that came from my 4-year-old daughter…click here to read it!


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    Holly says:

    That was an awesome post Jen. I just got the Verizon Droid (like an iphone) and I have been guilty of looking at it at red lights as well. I will make the pledge too! What Emma said gave me chills and I would never forgive myself if something ever happened!

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      Jen says:

      Thanks Holly! I am happy you took the pledge too!

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