A Few Rancho Las Palmas Pictures…

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I had every intention of getting home from our delightful 3-day trip to Rancho Las Palmas yesterday and doing a new post for today but I was in such a vacation haze it just didn’t happen.  I ended up uploading my photos last night to try to hang on to the memories!  So, I decided to share a few of my faves.  I loved this one above the most.   The reflection of the trees looked so cool to me.

And, this one of Emma walking…

Last night Emma had the worst time going to bed. There were lots of tears saying, ” I want to go back to Rancho Las Palmas!!”  “I want to stay on vacation FOREVER!!”  “I want to live at Rancho Las Palmas!”

I think I know why.   This is just one pic of Splashtopia.  The Sandy Beach.  Seriously…

I know honey, mommy does too…

This was a pic from my iPhone relaxing on the patio with the hubby. The best.

And a family pic enjoying Happy Hour at bluEmber at the hotel….Emma cracks me up here…no one told her to pose like that.  Nothing says VACATION like a mai tai!  And, it was a yummy one…

I can’t wait to do my post on Rancho Las Palmas and Splashtopia.  Stay tuned…And another new post on the way tomorrow!

xo  Jen

{Disclosure: Our room charge was sponsored for this trip}


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  1. 1

    My mom lives down the street from there and I keep hearing about how much kids love this place! We have a place out in La Quinta so we never get to sample the resorts. Waaaaa… I love the reflecting date palms – GORGEOUS … you have a beautiful family and I know the temps have been nice lately – good timing this could have been a post abut how you survived 115 days..easily!

    • 2
      Jen says:

      You said it! We got so lucky with the weather! Low 100’s – just perfect for the pool. A lot of the hotel staff said it was pretty cool for June temps. This place was so amazing for kids. Splashtopia was just incredible!

  2. 3
    celeste says:

    isn’t it fun! a few us us stole away there with our families earlier this month and had the BEST time!!!! One of my favorite vacations. So fun for the kids and parents!

    • 4
      Jen says:

      I was thinking what a great place it would be to go with a bunch of families! You are right – fun for everyone!

  3. 5
    Shanna says:

    Love it!! Looks like a fabulous vacation!! Our girls would LOVE that sandy kids area!!

  4. 6
    Pam says:

    This looks like so much fun – perfect vacay for mom&dad and the kiddos! And I love that it’s not too far.

  5. 7
    Angie S says:

    How fun!! Glad you had a nice trip!! We love it there too – Splashtopia is SO much fun!! 🙂

  6. 8

    This looks sooooooooo relaxing! Love the chill pic of Emma at the bottom. Priceless.

  7. 9
    anah says:

    i just booked a night!!! thanks so much – i can’t wait to get away with the family 🙂

  8. 10
    Melissa H says:

    I was just at Costco last night & saw they sell $100 Rancho Las Palmas gift certificates for $75.

    • 11
      Karen KP says:

      What costco did you see the cards at? My costco is out of them and we are planning a trip to rancho!

      • 12
        Jen says:

        The Costco in Fountain Valley had them as of last Friday!

      • 13
        Karen KP says:

        Thanks so much…I’ll go today!

  9. 14

    Oh my gosh! What fun! Gorgeous pictures too!

  10. 15
    sara says:

    Love it! Looks like such a fun time for the family…

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