Urban Kids Consignment Sale in OC!

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As a mom, I am astounded by the amount of STUFF we have that our baby has quickly outgrown.  In our garage as I type this we have a bassinet, exersaucer, bouncy chair, bags of too small baby clothes, and numerous other things just sitting there cluttering our space as we plan a garage sale that never happens.   So when I heard about the Urban Kids Consignment sale in Orange County, I thought, BINGO, no need for the garage sale! (Phew – I dislike them.  A lot.)   Plus, we also are in NEED of some items, so how fun to possibly make some money by selling stuff we no longer use in order to shop for stuff we actually need (and for less!)

Here are some great things I learned from browsing their site!   First of all for those that want to shopadmission is FREE.  Yes, free. Yay.  If you sign up to volunteer you can have the opportunity to shop the pre-sale (= best deals). Saturday is 25% off and Sunday is 50% off.   If you want to sell stuff and be a consignor, you get to shop the consignor’s presale, and get this, can track your sales online & expect to receive a check 7 – 10 days after the event.  Very cool. So you can buy, sell, volunteer OR do all the above!

I asked the representative to write me and tell me a little more about their OC kids consignment sale, and here is what she wrote!

“Hey all you Moms and Caregivers out there, we have an exciting event coming that you will definitely want to be a part of!  Having children is a wonderful part of life, but what do you do with all the clothes, toys, and just plain ole stuff they accumulate that they’ve outgrown or no longer use? You could store it in your garage and let it accumulate dust or you could make money by selling it all at a yard sale, but that is a lot of work and you’d give up an entire weekend to do it.  Here’s where we come in.

We’re Urban Kids Consignment and we’re hosting a 3 day consignment event in Orange County, August 27 – 29, 2010 where we partner with you to help you sell your kid related and maternity items that are still in great condition for top dollar.  Don’t have anything to sell but are your kids in need of school clothes or other necessities?  Are you or someone you know expecting?  Perfect opportunity to do some shopping for less.  Also, get a head start on Halloween by checking out our costumes.  Or, how about shopping for holiday attire now to ease the stress of the holidays later?  This is the perfect one-stop shopping experience for you!

Check out our comprehensive website for all the details, tell your friends and join in the fun!  See you there!


{Disclosure: Urban Kids Consignment is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.}


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    OMG, I’m so excited to read this! Just cleaned out my tween’s closet! I’m signing up for sure.

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    Cheryl says:

    sounds great, I will be there for sure, can’t wait to read more!!

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