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On February 6th I became a runner. Which sounds funny because rarely does a person become a runner in one day, but I specifically remember that was the first day I made it through 2 miles.  It was BIG for me as I had never ran before in my entire life and I did it!   One of my runner friends had told me, “if you can do 2, you can do 3.  If you can do 3, you can do 4.”    She was right, and after adding mile after mile, I ended up at 13.1 on May 2nd in the OC Half Marathon. Seriously one of the greatest experiences & accomplishments of my life. I wrote about it here and here and here.

I had never bought nice (translation more expensive) workout gear before.  I figured they would just get sweaty and I was not at the gym to pick up guys (HA!)  So who cares?  But with all this running, my cheaper stuff was not very comfortable AT ALL, and my sister and friends swore by all things “Lulu” so I decided to treat myself a good pair of running shorts.

I went to Lululemon Athletica in Fashion Island to see what all the buzz was about. I was skeptical. $54 for a pair of shorts seemed expensive.    But after one run in my new Lululemon Tracker Short, I was hooked. Then I had to go back and buy another pair.  And another.   However, when wearing them 4 times a week, it is easier to justify the expense! And I will scream, they are WORTH IT! Important note: some colors are sold out online, but I called Fashion Island today and they said they had them.

What I love so very, very much about the Lululemon Tracker Short

* There is a big, comfy waistband that is soft and rides low = no tight elastic to dig in to my post baby muffin top

* There are no seams so after running a gazillion miles in these I never had any chafing issues or any part of the short that rubbed me in the wrong way.

* They have built in panties.

* There is a mini side pocket for a car key or kleenex or energy gel like “Gu”

* They have been washed a lot and have not worn or faded at all.

My girlfriend and I just signed up to do the Long Beach Half Marathon in October so these shorts are going to be putting in even more and more miles with me in the months to come.  And yes, now I am also now goo-goo for Lulu!


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    So glad to hear you’re loving the Run: Tracker Short! I haven’t been a runner for very long myself, and I can appreciate how a good pair of shorts can totally change your run.

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    Pam says:

    These are seriously the best shorts ever. They are so flattering and super comfortable to run in. I wasted a lot of $ on nike shorts that never felt quite right until I found these. Worth the $! LOVE their other stuff too. Tanks are great.

  3. 3
    Erica says:

    Can’t explain how much I love Lululemon clothes, unless you see my closet, which is filled half full with lululemon! Love their shorts, I too have several pairs. Congrats to you on running a half marathon! Are you doing the Disneyland half next month?

  4. 4
    Cheryl says:

    Wow. That’s A LOT of $$ for a pair of running shorts! I think I’m going to have to stick to my Nike ones. 😉 Good for you for signing up for the Long Beach Half! I think I’m going to do Surf City as my first return to distance.

  5. 5
    Deb Gluskin says:

    Congrats on your running Jen – inspirational -you GO!
    Agreed on Lululemon… Two thumbs up from this well mad and designed fashion forward Canadian Company. I wear mine to YOga, on the mountain, hiking, in the kayak and even when traveling…
    Keep on keeping on with your running, I\\\’m by your side all the way!

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