Studio Cee on Newborn Photography Sessions: Expert Advice!

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Hello moms!  How was the weekend?  I hope you are surviving the summer off with your kids!  If you are needing a little pick-me-up to inspire you this Monday morning, do yourself a favor, CLICK HERE and just look at these babies.  When I was writing this, I found myself so enthralled by the Studio Cee Photography & Design site and spent so much time admiring her work, I almost forgot I had a blog post to get back to!   Her work is amazing. ARTFUL. Delicate. Crisp. Just click and look. Seriously.

So the graphic designer turned Orange County children and newborn photographer extraordinare, Clarice, and I were talking about her main blog post and what we wanted to share about her company.  She had sent me this beautiful graphic above  and when I saw that precious  newborn, I thought, maybe we need to write something on WHY it is just SO meaningful to professionally photograph your itsy-bitsy newborn?  Most especially in those precious first few weeks when they literally will NEVER be that small again!

So I said, “Clarice! Can you write me up maybe 5 reasons why it is awesome to use a professional to photograph your newborn??”  And then those 5 reasons turned into 10 because she was so passionate about it she had a hard time stopping at 5!  I think she could have even gone to 20!   So, here they are….written by Clarice of Studio Cee…

10 Reasons to Use a Custom Portrait Photographer For Your Newborn Session

1 )  With an experienced newborn photographer you will receive very unique, artful images that will bring you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

2 )  Your photographer goes at your baby’s pace anticipating break times for feeding and your session is completely devoted to you and your little one.

3 )  Beautiful heirloom albums, custom brag books, canvases and storyboards can be created with your images.

4 )  There is no exposing your newborn to germs from a public place.

5 )  Each image will be individually processed to perfection.

6 )  Each image will be a piece of art and your baby’s unique self will show through.  You won’t be given cookie cutter images to select from.

7 )  Props such as blankets and hats have all been washed and cleaned after every session.

8 )  There is not a number of noisy children waiting impatiently in line causing distraction.

9 )  Your session can be done in the comfort of your own home.

10 )  You will receive individual attention throughout your entire experience.

There really is a difference in your experience and your final outcome. Think of your session as an investment because it is something that will last you a lifetime and will be treasured by future generations.

Thanks so much for the amazing tips!

And, for Tiny Oranges readers, Studio Cee is offering $25 off the session fee
when mentioning “Tiny Oranges!”

{Disclosure: Studio Cee is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}


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