Hanna Andersson Night Night Baby Sleepers

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I know a product is great when my sister (whose baby is the same age as mine) buys ME something she loves for her little guy!  She originally fell in love with these Hanna Andersson Night Night Baby Sleepers when she lucked out and found them at Costco.  She loved them so much, she went back and bought Morgan two pairs!

They are GREAT baby jammies. The best I have found in my 4 years of outfitting little ones for sleep!

First off, I will only do sleepers with a ZIPPER because my little one is a total wiggle-worm these days.  Changing her diaper or clothes means I have to be FAST.  There is simply no time for snaps! Good zipper jammies are hard to find, it’s crazy, so when she found these we were hooked.

Second, they are made out of silky organic cotton, so they are soft and cozy, and have a snug fit.  I also like that they are footless for the summer, as I have been putting her in these, then a light sleep sack and don’t have to worry she is too hot in footsies.

Lastly, they have the CUTEST prints. Super stylish & fun.  To me, nothing is cuter than seeing a little one toddling around in their jammies.

They are $25,  you can find them online at the www.hannaandersson.com.  And, if anyone else sees them at Costco ever, comment here, as I would dash over to snatch up some pairs for the next size up!


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    Macaulay says:

    I love these too. I did see them at Costco a few months ago and have regretted not snatching them up ever since. At Nordy’s right now they have the cutest black/white/pink zebra and leapord print ones right now! Soooooo cute!

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