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I can almost taste it –  the start of school! Three weeks from yesterday for us and I am ready! I LOVE the rhythm of the school week, just sort of makes everything feel more “in sync” for me.  But it also makes me feel a little stressed. Life is so busy these days. Activities, play dates, appointments. I thought some of you might be feeling the same way, so I wanted to share some amazingly CUTE, personalized Erin Condren calendars to help you get organized as we head into Fall.  And I have a $50 gift card to Erin Condren to give away to one lucky reader too!! Make sure to read the last paragraph below on how to enter.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live without my iPhone and it’s calendar, but to me, I just FEEL more organized when I can look at things I have hand-written on a calendar.  It’s weird, because when I write it down {old-school in my very own handwriting} it’s almost like my brain remembers it better!

Right now I am typing this and looking at my Erin Condren Jumbo Calendar that hangs on my wall. My favorite. Big, cute graphics, and says our family name at the top.   My favorite wall calendar ever!   Order now you and you will get the rest of 2010 and all of 2011.   This is a necessity in my home office. Look how cute…

Erin has created a calendar/planner for just about everyone!

Her Daily Life Planners are the perfect planner to throw in your purse or diaper bag. Featuring one week that spans two pages, you can easily flip through to see your week-at-glance and keep your to-dos, appointments and goals easily managed.  And you can put the cute mugs of your kiddos on the cover!!  Love it.  Again, order now and get the rest of 2010 and all of 2011.

So I already have the life planner & jumbo, but it looks like this one is going to be a necessity as well!   Her Weekly Schedule Pad desk calendar allows you to organize week-by-week, then you can tear off the sheet and hang for the entire family to see. Love this idea too!  Going to pick one up for my desk.

So, now is the time to GET ORGANIZED!!!  Daily, weekly, monthly or one of each!  One thing is for sure, with an Erin Condren calendar, she will make your planning HAPPY with her fun, bright, personalized designs.

Click here to start your shopping!

Hooray!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!!

One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to use on  Contest runs through August 31, 2010 at 5pm PST.  I will post the winner on my Facebook page on 9/1.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry & leave your email address too so I can contact you if you win.  Entry options are:

1. Click here, browse the calendars and tell me: Which would be your choice? – 1 ENTRY

2. {Like} Erin Condren on Facebook – 1 ENTRY

3. Follow @ErinCondren on Twitter – 1 ENTRY

4. {Like} Tiny Oranges on Facebook – 1 ENTRY

5. Follow @TinyOrangesOC on Twitter – 1 ENTRY

6. Subscribe to Tiny Oranges Email Updates – 1 ENTRY

{Disclosure: Tiny Oranges is an Erin Condren affiliate…but my love affair with her products started long before!}


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  1. 1
    Melissa H says:

    Oh, great giveaway! I’m a huge Erin fan, too! I love, love, love my Daily Life Planner. I already like Erin Condren on Facebook & like Tiny Oranges on Facebook.

  2. 2
    KellyG says:

    A hard choice, but I think I would pick the monthly planning book; a little of everything. I am a list person – can’t remember anything without them, so this would be wonderful. I love giving the teacher note cards to my daughter’s preschool teachers.

  3. 3
    kate says:

    I liked Erin Condren on FB!

  4. 4
    kate says:

    I follow you on FB!

  5. 5
    kate says:

    I get your daily e-mails and love them!

  6. 6
    kate says:

    I ADORE her things! I’ve given them as gifts but have never “gifted” myself so would love to win! I actually see a reason for all of them but would probably go with the daily life calendar!

  7. 7
    Misti says:

    TO Facebook Fan!

  8. 8
    Misti says:

    FB fan of Erin Condren!

  9. 9
    tara says:

    so need the life planner! Im with you, need to have it in written form. I was just telling Dan i wanted to buy this!! He of course said i dont need it : ( what do men know! ; )

    just “liked erin condren on facebook, and am already a tiny oranges fan!

  10. 10
    tara says:

    already a subscriber too! ; 0

  11. 11
    Traci says:

    I Love the Life Planners!! Great idea! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  12. 12
    Traci says:

    I follow you on FB

  13. 13
    elle says:

    oooh, fun! i really like the life planner …. with the preggo brain i’m having on top of my 3 kids this would be PERFECT!

  14. 14

    I love my Daily Life Planner and need the 2010-2011 one BAD!!!

    • 15
      keqzslg says:

      1gCCnP , [url=]sjnjihahawcb[/url], [link=]efxuxlncoqmg[/link],

  15. 16

    I like Erin Condren on Facebook.

  16. 17

    I like Erin Condren on Twitter.

  17. 18

    I like Tiny Oranges on Facebook.

  18. 19

    I follow Tiny Oranges on Twitter….

  19. 20
    Kristin says:

    Def. the life calendar. Going back to work PT, haven\’t worked outside the home in 8 years. Will definintely need to be more organized. I already follow Erin and you on FB. Thanks

  20. 21
    Teri Martinez says:

    I like the jumbo calendars with pic. I like Erin C on FB and signed up for the newsletter. And I like Tiny Oranges on FB 2.

  21. 22
    Maureen says:

    Hi – I love all things Erin Condren. As far as picking a calendar, I’d have to go with the monthly everything book – taffy. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  22. 23
    Maureen says:

    Hi – I “like” Erin Condren on Facebook. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  23. 24
    Maureen says:

    Hi – I “like” Tiny Oranges on Facebook. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  24. 25
    Dea says:

    Oh, I just love her weekly calendars. What a great way to show my kids and I what we have planned for the week!

  25. 26
    Cynthia says:

    Love the weekly schedule pad! I need that:)
    Never heard of the site, thank you!

  26. 27

    I love love love the Life Planner in Trellis!

  27. 28

    I like Erin on Facebook!

  28. 29

    I like Erin on Twitter!

  29. 30

    Already following you on Twitter

  30. 31

    Already Like you on Facebook 🙂

  31. 32

    Now subscribing to Tiny Oranges updates

    • 33
      Delonte says:

      IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of tghins like that?

  32. 34
    Jackie says:

    I love the reminders, advice and ideas I get through your blog ( usually through facebook). Erin condrens website is adorable! I love the weekly planner!

  33. 35
    melanie says:

    You know I am an Erin Condren (organizer) lover too! I have everything, so I think I would love the weekly organizers!!

  34. 36
    Bridget says:

    Love the daily life planner……..looks like just what I need!

  35. 37
    Genise says:

    My favorite is the weekly schedule pad desk calendar, but I love all of her products! I already like Tiny Oranges on FB and am signed up for the email updates.

  36. 38
    Genise says:

    I like Erin Condren on FB.

  37. 39
    Annika Chase says:

    I’d have to say the jumbo calendar is my favorite. I could really use that right now!

  38. 40
    Annika Chase says:

    I like TO on FB

  39. 41
    Annika Chase says:

    I get the TO email

  40. 42
    Jen B says:

    Love you on FB. 🙂 (2010-2011 life planner -candy lace)

  41. 43
    Jen B says:

    2010-2011 life planner -candy lace (orange and pink)

  42. 44
    Cameron T. says:

    I like the daily life planner. SO cute!!

  43. 45
    Marissa says:

    Love the new monthly planner book! Was going to buy one but maybe I’ll win one instead:)

  44. 46
    Carrie says:

    Just entered myself in all the possible ways. Her life planners are so perfect!! She truly has thought of everything. It would be perfect to get my new life organized as I become a new wife and a mother of two!!

  45. 47
    Teri P. F. says:

    I’d prefer the monthly planner book. It’s a must for me every year.

  46. 48
    Teri P. F. says:

    I like Tiny Oranges on FaceBook.

  47. 49
    Teri P. F. says:

    I subscribe to Tiny Oranges early on when you first started the website.

  48. 50
    susie says:

    oh my gosh i am in love! the weekly pad is what i love the most : ).

  49. 51
    susie says:

    i am a FB fan too!

  50. 52
    Laura says:

    I have to say… the Life Calendar is my personal fav.
    I have a child from pre-school, kinder, and jr high!!! With allof their different schedules, this is EXACTLY what out family needs 🙂

  51. 53
    Laura says:

    I am a tiny oranges email subscriber 🙂

  52. 54
    Laura says:

    I am a tiny oranges fan on FB

  53. 55
    Laura says:

    I “like” Erin Condren on FB 🙂

  54. 56
    Samantha says:

    I love the life planner in candy lace

  55. 57
    Samantha says:

    I am a facebook fan of tiny oranges

  56. 58
    Samantha says:

    I get email updates from TO

  57. 59
    Cathyb says:

    I love her products! I would like the wall calendar!

  58. 60
    Cathyb says:

    I receive Tiny Oranges e-mail updates.

  59. 61
    Cathyb says:

    I like Tiny Oranges on facebook.

  60. 62
    Samantha says:

    like erin condren on facebook

  61. 63
    Samantha says:

    I follow erin condren on twitter

  62. 64

    I love the Life Planner in Signature Stripe!

  63. 65

    I follow Erin on Twitter (@mamabub)

  64. 66

    I follow Tiny Orange OC on Twitter! (@mamabub)

  65. 67
    KatieBee says:

    Life Planner…it would be my 3rd…I love it and it gets better each year!!

  66. 68
    KatieBee says:

    I follow on fb

  67. 69
    KatieBee says:

    I follow erincondren on twitter

  68. 70
    KatieBee says:

    I follow tinyoranges on twitter

  69. 71
    KatieBee says:

    I am so excited to get emails from tinyoranges!

  70. 72
    KatieBee says:

    I like Tiny Oranges on FB

  71. 73

    oh hard to choose, but I think I’d get the weekly tear of desk pad. I liked her life planners, too!

  72. 74

    I just liked Tiny Oranges on facebook!

  73. 75

    I just followed tiny oranges on twitter! my handle is
    @ hen jen ca

  74. 76
    Bobby says:

    What a joy to find such clear tihnikng. Thanks for posting!

  75. 77
    Cara says:

    I love Erin Condren Life PLanners…want one for me and for both of my sisters!

  76. 78
    Cara says:

    And I follow you on twitter

  77. 79
    Cara says:

    and I follow erin on twitter…and I think this is closed but I am that desperate that I am trying anyway!!

  78. 80
    Cara says:

    and of course I like you on facebook

  79. 81
    Cara says:

    and I like erin on facebook too!!

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