Bye Bye Hot Pink Cast!

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So Emma finally got the hot pink cast off on Monday afternoon.   After seeing that stinky, dirty, Sharpie-ridden piece of fiberglass laying there, when the lady asked me if we wanted to save it, I had to politely decline.  So we put it in the trash together and walked away both saying “bye bye cast!”  and me adding, “hope to not see you again!”

She actually got around REALLY well in that thing over this past month.  Totally surprised me.  She could pretty much do anything and never even complained about it. In fact, she had a birthday party at a dance studio on Sunday where they learned and performed a routine and she was busting a move and shakin’ that arm like it was nothing!

But getting it off was difficult! I had no idea, and I wasn’t totally prepared for what to expect when getting the cast off.

The process of taking it off wasn’t bad. I had to hold her ears when they used the saw to cut it off,  but it wasn’t too loud. Her face was delighted when she finally saw her arm, but then when they took it off completely, her brow furrowed and she started to cry.  It was SO sad. They said this is to be expected, it will be extremely stiff and sore.

She took more x-rays and all looked good.   The doctor said she has to wear a sling for the next two weeks when she is around other people (especially at preschool) until it totally heals.  I think the sling is much harder for her than the cast, but two weeks will go fast.

The night she got it off was pretty bad, she was scared to move it and kept it pinned to her body in the same position the cast had it in.  She woke up a couple times in pain that night, and then by Tuesday she was still holding it really close to her, and uncomfortable, but the more she moved it, the better it seemed to loosen up.  I am hoping each day starts to get a little better and better.

This was an interesting experience, and one that I will be glad to put in our past! Thanks for everyone’s comments on my last cast post.  It’s really great to know I have so much Tiny Oranges mommy encouragement!

Happy Wednesday!
xo Jen


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  1. 1

    Awww! She’s a little doll. Seems like it was just yesterday that she was injured. You’re right – the two weeks will go by quickly. Hope everyone gets to sleep through the night!

    Happy Wednesday to you, too.

    Peace and pumpkins!

  2. 2
    Kathleen says:

    Hooray! Now everyone can enjoy the pool. Loved the photos. They really were pictures worth a thousand words.

  3. 3
    Pam says:

    You’re in the home stretch! She’s such a trooper (and so are you, mom!)

  4. 4
    Amy Martinez says:

    Brave Girl! Glad to see the cast is off 🙂

  5. 5
    Sheen says:

    Wow, I could not imagine what you and your daughter went through. Hope she is 100% soon.

  6. 6
    Holly says:

    Hey Jen! She is such a cutie!!! So glad that the cast is off and that Emma is doing better. We still have to get together one of these days! Geez, I never knew that I could be so busy as a SAHM. I will email you soon! 🙂

  7. 7
    tinyoranges says:

    Thanks you guys for all your comments! She was almost back to normal today, such a great feeling! I love seeing both her little arms again! Oh, the small things that are so easy to take for granted :-).

  8. 8

    Glad that’s mostly behind you! When my son got his cast off of his leg, it took two days before he could walk again and then he limped for six weeks – which they said was normal. Poor babies.

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