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OK. I have become a major fan of these local daily deal sites. And, they have ALL ramped up the killer deals so much recently that I felt compelled to do a post about them, like right now! I wasn’t even planning on doing this post today!  I don’t know if it is the holidays or what, but just in the last weekend, I have personally bought 4 of the different deals and SAVED SO MUCH MONEY.

Yes, it will clutter your inbox in the AM, but you can quickly browse the deals and delete those that don’t apply to you. But when you see one where you shop anyway or were going to visit anyway and you save a load of money you will be SO HAPPY.  Here are the links!

Circle Buzz – This one is new to me. Today (Monday’s deal) is for $10 for a Sea Life Aquarium Admission at Legoland. Awesome winter break day trip. Click here to sign up.

Groupon – You ALL probably know about Groupon by now! Over the weekend they had a $15 for $30 at Red Envelope. Deal is gone now, but this is the TYPE of deal.  Yes so you need to sign up, click here!

Plum District – This site is focused on moms (yippee!) and today’s deal is $15 for a $35 Shellac Hybrid Manicure! You guys, I bought this one at 6:30am when it hit my iPhone. I am in love with the Shellac.  My last one lasted 18 DAYS with no chipping. Perfect to get a mani that will last through Christmas AND New Year’s!  Sign up and buy this one you will be glad you did!  But don’t beat me to the appointments! HA!

Screamin Daily Deals – Today’s deal is a one that was previously on Plum District that I bought. $35 for $75 worth of a tree, wreath or garland at Tanaka Farms! We used our coupon to get our tree on Saturday. If you have not gotten your tree yet, this is a great deal.  Click here to buy it. And did I mention a percentage goes BACK TO THE LOCAL SCHOOLS when you buy a deal? Win – win.

We got a $110 tree for $70.  My husband thinks it is our “best tree ever” – they are more expensive because they are better quality but so worth it.  Warning: wear shoes that can get muddy when you go! They keep their trees on moist ground to keep them fresh (which is why they are so much better!)

That’s all!  Happy shopping folks! And if you get sick of the emails, all you have to unsubscribe.  But I wouldn’t miss out on these holiday deals!

{Disclosure: I am signed up for the referral programs at all these sites.  You can sign up too!}


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    Sarah Long says:

    These local deal sites are awesome and can save a person a lot of money.

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