Give Hope This Holiday with 31 Bits Jewelry

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I am going to let you in on a little pet peeve of mine – I don’t like buying gifts just for the sake of buying something.  It bugs me when I don’t have the perfect gift in mind for someone, because what that means is I end up buying some random lotion or candle or something impersonal.  But now that I have been introduced to 31 Bits, a small local company with a big impact, it makes my heart smile, because anytime I am in that position, I know I have a go-to gift that has meaning. A gift idea for a gift that GIVES back.

31 Bits is a company started by Kallie Dovel, who traveled to Uganda in 2007 and left with a vision.  There she found women, creative women, in poverty.   She started the company to provide these women hope for a better life.  By creating a worldwide platform to sell their jewelry at a fair price, she has  provided them with income and opportunities. She has given them a chance.

People like Kallie make me want to be a better person.

Her company has grown from representing and buying jewelry from six women to currently 63.  And each of those 63 women has a personal story. You can read about each of the designers HERE.

Their jewelry is gorgeous.  Combining textures and colors to make designs that are totally unique – and reasonably priced.

This one is one of my favorites, the Rya, and is only $32 and comes in different colors…

But there is so much more.  Click HERE to shop and see their Winter Line, and if you place your order by 12/20, it will be here before Christmas.

So consider giving the gift of hope this holiday season by making a purchase that impacts a life of a woman.

{You can stay connected with 31 Bits on Facebook, follow @31Bits on Twitter and stay tuned for the 31 Bits display at the OC Mart Mix COMING soon!}


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    Gina says:

    I LOVE this – what an incredible company! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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