Macy’s National Believe Day

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Macy’s Clothing Store has declared today, December 10th, National Believe Day!  Doesn’t just reading that put you in a good mood this morning?

The Macy’s Believe Campaign is making wishes come true all season long with our help!  Here is how it works:

1. Write a stamped letter to Santa and address it to “Santa at the North Pole.” Click here if you want to create a letter on the Macy’s site (so cute!)

2. Go to Macy’s and find Santa’s mailbox to drop it in. Click here to locate a Santa’s mailbox at a Macy’s near you!

3. For every letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, up to $1,000,000.  And if you mail your letter today, on December 10th, National Believe Day, Macy’s will DOUBLE its donation!

4. They will deliver them to the post office for mailing.  Together we can all collect a million reasons to believe.

We recently delivered our letter to Santa Mailbox at Macy’s Home Store in Crystal Court.  My daughter loved it as it was so magical to see this HUGE red mailbox labeled “Santa Mail!”   Has anyone else done this lately?

So, make sure to add mailing your letter in Macy’s Home Store to all of the fun things to do at Crystal Court this month for the holidays!

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a “I believe in making wishes come true” sort of weekend!

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You can’t go wrong with a Montage gift card.

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My husband is a little challenged in the gift giving arena.  I wrote about him here.  Which is funny to me because women seem so simple to buy for! Am I right ladies?

To me, there are a handful of things that most women would love on any special occasion. And one of these things is some sort of gift card to be used for a little guilt-free pampering. To me, that gesture says, “you deserve it mama!

So if you are in the need for a gift for special someone in your life this holiday season, consider one from Montage Resorts, which really is the ULTIMATE gift card to receive!

There are several unique things about their gift cards, allow me to highlight for you…

1. They have made it so simple to do online. Click HERE to go to the gift card page with all the info on ordering.

2. Your recipient can use the card however they’d like to… for a spa or salon service, fine dining for a special meal, or to be put towards a stay for a weekend getaway.

3. The recipient can use the card at any Montage property! Whether they are looking for an urban escape in the heart of Beverly Hills or a seaside retreat in beautiful Laguna Beach – they get to choose!

4. You can register and protect your card online so that you never have to worry about a misplaced card.  Although if I was lucky enough to receive one of these gift cards I might sleep with it under my pillow.

So ladies, if you have a hubby like mine, you might want to accidentally forward this post as a little *hint.*  Or leave it up on your computer so when he checks his fantasy football scores he can get Montage on the brain. Subliminal hints never hurt.

Happy holidays friends! I hope Santa has one of these little cards under the tree for you this year…

{Disclosure: Montage is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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Wordless Wednesday – Winter in OC

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I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday picture in awhile, and since it is the holiday season, I thought I would post our version of “winter in OC” which consisted of posing the girls in front of flocked Christmas Trees at Tanaka Farms last weekend!

For more Wordless Wednesday pics skate on over to Angry Julie Monday!

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Rock & Republic Warehouse Sale

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I was REALLY excited when I received this email because I LOVE Rock & Republic denim!

The Warehouse Sale is pleased to announce the addition of Orange County to their highly anticipated Warehouse Sale tour offering one of the most successful luxury denim brands in the lifestyle market: Rock & Republic.

Due to the overwhelming success of the tour in New York City, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco in November, The Warehouse Sale has confirmed fashion events in Orange County December 10-12, 2010 at Westminster Mall.

The Warehouse Sale nationwide tour marks the first time in history Rock & Republic will be offered in such a large warehouse sale platform, giving shoppers unprecedented access to steep discounts just in time for the holiday season on the coveted brands’ luxury denim wear.

The Warehouse Sale features deep discounts of up to 80% off the luxury denim brand. Over 20,000 pieces of premium luxe apparel will be available, including women’s and men’s jeans in all sizes as well as a full range of best selling outerwear and sportswear: tops, sweaters, shorts, skirts and jackets along with a variety of children’s wear and maternity lines (I had NO idea they had maternity clothes!)

In addition to the steep discounts already being offered during these sales, The Warehouse Sale is offering an additional 10% to all Facebook Friends who “share” one of the upcoming December 2010 fashion events and provide printed proof of their Facebook status at check-out.

Shoppers are encouraged to register in advance at to receive a complimentary invitation to the event for expedited entry. Shoppers can also register at the door.

For further information, or to register for a complimentary invitation, please click HERE or visit their Facebook page.

It’s a Rock & Republic Raffle!

The Warehouse Sale has $50 gift cards to raffle off for participating blogs (of which Tiny Oranges is one!)

To enter the raffle, please do the following:

1. RSVP for complimentary entrance into The Warehouse Sale featuring “Rock & Republic” December 10-12 at Westminster Mall by clicking THIS LINK.

2.  Once you have RSVP’d, send an email to with “TINY ORANGES” in the Subject line to enter-to-win the opportunity for a $50 gift card good towards all purchases during the Orange County “Rock & Republic” Official Warehouse Sale.

3. Winners will be chosen at random.

4. Winners will be notified by e-mail no later than Thursday, December 9 at 2:00 pm PST.

5. Gift cards will be redeemable at check out and will be held under winner’s first and last name.

6. Gift cards are non-transferrable.

Good luck ladies!  I plan to hit up this sale on Friday to hopefully score some deeply discounted denim!

{Disclosure: The Warehouse Sale is providing me with a gift card for compensation of my time in doing this post to promote this AWESOME event! Lucky me! Can’t wait!}

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Deals Deals Deals

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OK. I have become a major fan of these local daily deal sites. And, they have ALL ramped up the killer deals so much recently that I felt compelled to do a post about them, like right now! I wasn’t even planning on doing this post today!  I don’t know if it is the holidays or what, but just in the last weekend, I have personally bought 4 of the different deals and SAVED SO MUCH MONEY.

Yes, it will clutter your inbox in the AM, but you can quickly browse the deals and delete those that don’t apply to you. But when you see one where you shop anyway or were going to visit anyway and you save a load of money you will be SO HAPPY.  Here are the links!

Circle Buzz – This one is new to me. Today (Monday’s deal) is for $10 for a Sea Life Aquarium Admission at Legoland. Awesome winter break day trip. Click here to sign up.

Groupon – You ALL probably know about Groupon by now! Over the weekend they had a $15 for $30 at Red Envelope. Deal is gone now, but this is the TYPE of deal.  Yes so you need to sign up, click here!

Plum District – This site is focused on moms (yippee!) and today’s deal is $15 for a $35 Shellac Hybrid Manicure! You guys, I bought this one at 6:30am when it hit my iPhone. I am in love with the Shellac.  My last one lasted 18 DAYS with no chipping. Perfect to get a mani that will last through Christmas AND New Year’s!  Sign up and buy this one you will be glad you did!  But don’t beat me to the appointments! HA!

Screamin Daily Deals – Today’s deal is a one that was previously on Plum District that I bought. $35 for $75 worth of a tree, wreath or garland at Tanaka Farms! We used our coupon to get our tree on Saturday. If you have not gotten your tree yet, this is a great deal.  Click here to buy it. And did I mention a percentage goes BACK TO THE LOCAL SCHOOLS when you buy a deal? Win – win.

We got a $110 tree for $70.  My husband thinks it is our “best tree ever” – they are more expensive because they are better quality but so worth it.  Warning: wear shoes that can get muddy when you go! They keep their trees on moist ground to keep them fresh (which is why they are so much better!)

That’s all!  Happy shopping folks! And if you get sick of the emails, all you have to unsubscribe.  But I wouldn’t miss out on these holiday deals!

{Disclosure: I am signed up for the referral programs at all these sites.  You can sign up too!}

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