Newport Back Bay Outing Idea

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It was a beautiful OC winter day last weekend so we decided to take our girls over to the Newport Back Bay for a walk.  It is such a great {free} family outing.

To make it more interesting we did a little scavenger hunt for Emma.  It provided SO much thrill and entertainment and it was so silly and easy to do.   The scavenger hunt is something you can do ANYWHERE and just adds a little more interest to your typical outing.

I took a spiral notebook and quickly jotted down the first 8 things that came to my head. Here was our list:

1. Dog
2. Blue car
3. Baby in stroller
4. Bunny (yes, you will usually see bunnies by the Back Bay!)
5. Flag
6. Lizard
7. Rock
8. Plane

While we were walking there, we practiced “reading” what each word said since she is starting to learn the sounds and is interested in knowing what words say.  I also brought along a little sheet of those mini-stickers so she could put a sticker next to the things that we found.

Here were the girls in their matching shades ready for departure and our scavenger hunt adventure.

The Newport Back Bay parking lot is located on the corner of University Drive and Irvine Avenue in Newport Beach. Very easy to get to and a ton of parking.

There are paved roads all around the bay, so if your kids like to bike, it’s a great place.  You will see people out there jogging, biking and exploring the little dirt trails.

If you have time, make sure to stop into the Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Center, which is located adjacent to the parking lot.   AMAZING place for kiddos!  And it is free.  Click that link to see a previous post I did on this awesome nature center.

There is no much joy that can be found by getting outside, exploring nature and getting a little dirty!

Happy hunting!

And in case you were wondering, we were 7 for 8 on the list.  Lizards must have been sleeping.  xo

{And for a TON of nature-related OC outings, make sure to visit Fun Orange County Parks.  The go-to place for awesome outing ideas!}

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Gettin Her Groove Back!

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I wanted to do a post on this new series Shanna is doing over at My Favorite Everything called “Getting Mama’s Groove Back”  because as moms, battling the post baby weight is probably something EVERYONE can relate to.   And if you just dropped the baby weight and were into your old jeans walking out of the hospital, please keep it to yourself (kidding, but not really…!)

What I love about this series is she is HONEST about her struggle.  She even started it by showing before pictures.  When I read her first post I was SO proud of her, because mamas, I am sure we can all agree on just how much tremendous courage that would take.    I don’t care what kind of shape you are in, most of us would not want to be photographed and shown from the rear on a blog!   I was just so inspired by how she was so willing to put herself out there.

And she is doing so great! She is working out with Erica from Core Athletica (LOVE Erica – click here to read more about my results training with her), tried a Ritual Cleanse (totally brave) and is finding little opportunities where she can while being a mommy of 3 girls under 3 (yes you read that correctly) to find times in her day where she can be active with them.

Just check out her 6 week progress!  That takes a lot of hard work!

If any one of you reading is looking for a little mommy-to-mommy inspiration in achieving your weight loss goals, you will definitely want to subscribe to this series under “Me Time” at My Favorite Everything.

Shanna and her entire family will be walking with us on May 1st to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research.  Just yet another way she is helping to achieve her goal (for a great cause along the way!)   If you want to join us and kick start your fitness goals, click here!  Nothing like an upcoming race to get you motivated!

Go Shanna Go!  We are rooting for you!  Happy weekend everyone!

Since we are on the topic of weight loss, I wanted to share a deal TODAY on Plum District.  It’s for $30 of UNLIMITED Baby Boot Camp Classes for four weeks (normally $89.) Four different locations to choose from: Irvine, Tustin, Dana Point and San Clemente.

Click HERE to buy it.  But you have to be quick as the deal only runs for a day.  At $30 you don’t have much to lose…except WEIGHT!

{Disclosure: Baby Boot Camp Irvine & Tustin is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor and Tiny Oranges is a Plum District Affiliate}

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We Love Our Toms Shoes!

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I received my first pair of Toms Shoes from one of my best girlfriends for my birthday.

She is passionate about her Toms. She got me this cute little pair of classics…the Ash Canvas…in a great neutral grey I can wear with everything.

And now that I have a pair I see what I have been missing! Moms – these shoes are a MUST buy! They are the BEST run around town flats because they are just SO DARN COMFORTABLE!

I actually wear a 9 1/2 now post kids (pre kids 8 1/2) – how is that possible?!   She got me the 9 and I went to take them back to Nordstrom to exchange because they felt tight.  But the salesman told me that they stretch out so I should stay with the smaller size and I am glad I did.

After wearing them and breaking them in a few times they now fit perfectly and they did stretch out the perfect amount.

While we were walking out that day we happened to pass the kids’ shoe section where Emma spotted Toms in her size. Yes, they also make (THE CUTEST) Tiny Toms!

She is big into matching with me and her sis these days (slight obsession) so she pleaded with me to see if they had a pair in her size.  The salesman told me they are so popular they were out of a lot of sizes and colors but he would check what they had in her size.

When he came back out, he asked, how would grey do? And her eyes lit up.

So my little mini-me and I are loving, I mean LOVING, our matching Toms.

With Toms One for One Movement, for every shoe purchased, a pair of shoes goes to a child in need.

I can’t help but think about it almost every time we put them on. That somewhere in the world, a child is blessed with a pair of shoes themselves because of it.  Makes me feel good.

That alone is reason enough to march on out today and buy yourself a pair!

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Wordless Wednesday – Oh those ohs…

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…ARE EVERYWHERE….UGH!  Car, diaper bag, stroller, purse…the ohs have invaded my life!

I was unloading the girls the other day and really took a moment to look down at the floor of the car and I was quite appalled because, yes, I had noticed there were quite a few Cheerios on the floor, but until I took this photo I truly didn’t realize JUST HOW MANY.

Anyone want to come over to my car for a snack??

For more Wordless Wednesday pictures, drive on over to Angry Julie Monday!

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Learn to be Fancy!

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This one goes out to all the little Fancy Nancy’s in OC!  I got word of this class and thought it sounded so cute. Here is the info on an upcoming etiquette and manners class in Old Towne Orange…

“Fancy” Manners Class
January 29, 2011
11:00 AM & 1:00 PM


Learn to be Fancy!
Lessons of Etiquette and Manners

A one hour where girls learn to be “Fancy” according to ” Nancy!”  In this manners class, girls ages 4-7 will learn how to politely greet people, use appropriate table manners, how to write thank you cards as well as general lessons of etiquette. Each girl will receive a tiara, snacks and juice while discussing table manners, a Certificate of Completion, and lessons that last a lifetime!

So come dressed in your best, and get ready to learn what it means to sparkle from the inside out!

Space is limited, so please pre-register.

This class is taught by Rachele Sweetser, owner of Monkey Baby Clothes. As a  mother of 4, Rachele has been teaching Manners classes for girls for 2 years. She has a background as Girl Scout Troop leader, Hospitality Coordinator for MOPS, a volunteer for “Queen for a Day” and many other positions serving her community.

The class will be held at the Dragonfly Shops & Gardens in Old Towne Orange.  To register, call the store at 714-289-4689.

If you miss this Saturday’s event, there will be two more classes on February 19th, 2011. Rachele is also holding a special Valentine’s event on  Saturday, February 5th for kids ages 4 – 8.  Crafts, treats & more.  Click HERE to see the calendar of events for February.

Please note! Each person registered that mentions Tiny Oranges will be entered to win FREE registration for the Valentine’s Workshop on Feb. 5th.  And, for a Brownie Scout, completion of this class qualifies them for a “Manners Try It” with their Troop!

{Disclosure: My own little Fancy Emma will likely be attending one of the
upcoming manners classes compliments of  Ms. Sweetser! Thank you darling!}

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