Ciao Bella Gelato

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I know I REALLY love something when I immediately think “I have GOT to blog about this. Like tomorrow!” Which is what happened when we stumbled upon Ciao Bella Gelato at Mother’s Market.

My 18 month old has a milk & egg allergy.  Can you imagine not being able to eat pizza or ice cream?  Makes me so sad because those are two of my favorite things in the whole world! So, I am always on the lookout for special treats for her.

We do a lot of shopping at Mother’s because they carry a ton of specialty products great for those with food allergies.   When we were down the frozen aisle yesterday the Ciao Bella products caught my eye.  I checked the label and since they are dairy-free, I thought, “Perfecto! Let’s give this a try!”

We went with the banana mango sorbet because well, it just sounded really good!  Plus, I loved the clean, pure list of  ingredients which was essentially fruit.  And it is packed with Vitamin C.

So we headed home and I promised the girls after lunch they could have a little taste of our new sorbet.   I scooped up some for them and then had a little bowl myself because I love a little something sweet after a meal.

It was SO GOOD and SO DELICIOUS all of our eyes lit up collectively!

And, I am not kidding you, for the first time my 18 month old said this word…

“MORE!”  {but it was more like…”MO!”}

Click here to download a Ciao Bella coupon.  And click here to find a store near you that carries this little tub of heaven.


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    gillian says:

    My 19 month old has severe milk allergies and we love Ciao Bella. We’ve been limited to the few varieties at Albertsons, but I will check out Mothers! My little guy likes this sorbet much better than the dairy free icecreams. Have you tried the SO Delicious – coconut milk yogurts (they have great popsicle bars and tons of other dairy free products, plus a FB fan page too? They are at Henry’s, if your little can do coconut. Thats our yogurt substitute. It just stinks cuz its $2 a container!! Its not cheap being dairy free!! Good luck!

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