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When my cousin’s wife had a baby, she made a point in her newborn-sleepless-crazed life to send me an email to tell me about a baby gift she received because she loved it SO much!  It was a personalized baby plate from Timree.com with her baby’s name and birthdate on it and she absolutely treasured it.

So when I saw today’s Plum District deal come up – $20 for $40 worth of gifts at Timree.com – I remembered the site and and their amazing gifts so I had to do an immediate post!

The deal is running on different So Cal districts then nationwide today through Saturday. This would be a great deal to snatch up as it is the PERFECT baby or birthday gift!

Look how cute…

I got a special plate for Emma’s first birthday and we use it every year on her birthday.   I am such a sucker for special traditions like that – so a plate like this would be so special to give as a gift !

And with this Plum District deal, they are super affordable!

Click HERE to buy it and if you haven’t signed up for Plum District yet – DO IT! Totally free and all the deals are focused on MOMS and kids and families. Love this site and I buy a ton of their deals – just like this one!

{Disclosure: Tiny Oranges is a Plum District Affiliate.}


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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I love Timree’s stuff. What a great idea for a baby gift!!!

    • 2
      Jen says:

      I know! I LOVE her stuff & with this Plum District voucher it is an amazing deal on a great gift!

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