Montage Wellness Retreats & Workshops with Ashley Turner

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Attention all yogis or So Cal moms looking for an amazing way to spend enlightened time in a gorgeous location recharging the body and soul!

The Montage in Laguna Beach has a fabulous new E-volve” Wellness workshop and retreat series led by renowned yoga teacher and body-mind expert, Ashley Turner, so I wanted to share the upcoming dates and information.

Combined with the resort’s pristine beachfront location, each of these specially customized retreats offer guests an ideal way to leave behind everyday stresses and return home with a renewed, healthier sense of self.

Each individual 2 hour workshop is priced from $65 and includes a full day at Spa Montage with access to steam, sauna, relaxation areas and Oceanfront Spa Lap Pool.

Here are three of their upcoming events.  For more information or to reserve a spot click here or call (949) 715- 6010.

April 16 and 17, 2011

Indulge in a complete physical, mental and emotional detox to unleash your fullest potential for the year ahead. Join us for this customized 2-day intensive to reclaim physical strength, mental clarity and emotional well-being. Release unwanted tension, toxins, unprocessed emotions, fear, grief and insecurity and learn the basics of a balanced, clean lifestyle to create radiant health, happiness & beauty from the inside out.

To further enhance the experience, guests can choose from a variety of customized, optional add-ons including: a private 30 minute consultation with Ashley, which will identify and explore underlying causes of the client’s existing symptoms or concerns; a group Moonlight Hike while observing the Full Moon; and a spa lunch daily from Mosaic Bar and Grille when booking the full retreat.

SATURDAY (9 – 11am) – The Physical/Energetic Realm.
Begin with a rejuvenating, fiery detox flow to build strength and stoke the inner fire to carry us through the weekend. Melt off the first layers of stress and tension in the body. Work hard without pushing past your edge to a place we are brainwashed into thinking we need to be in order to be happy.

SATURDAY (3 – 5pm) – The Mental Realm.
Mental fitness and detoxing is just as important (if not more) than physical. Uproot and clear out what no longer serves you. A simple breakdown of the yogic map of the mind leads to a concrete grasp of how to create happiness from the inside out. Learn what a balanced or sattvic state of mind is and practical lifestyle tips to achieve it. Focus is on Pranayama, meditation, self-inquiry, restorative yoga.

SUNDAY (9 – 11am) – The Emotional Realm.
Much of our dissatisfaction lies rooted in our difficulty understanding emotions. Learn to create emotional intelligence through the rigor of a strong, physical practice. This purifying flow is sequenced to dislodge deep-seated emotions that lie buried in the organs and connective tissues of the body, especially the core. We move from judgment to understanding and forgiveness.

SUNDAY (3 – 5pm) – The Spiritual Realm.
In this slow flow Vinyasa/Restorative class, we imbibe the qualities of the Full Moon hanging over the Pacific: lucid, majestic, receptive, whole, fertile, forgiving and abundant. When our physical, mental and emotional realms are purified and aligned – our true nature effortlessly radiates outward. Our soul, or Atman, becomes more visible in our everyday lives and we literally reflect our highest good.

Saturday, May 7, 2011 * 11am-1pm and 2 – 4pm

Leave the hectic pace of your daily life and return to your center of deep peace and wisdom. In our best efforts to “have it all,” many of us carry an unspoken burden that we are “not doing enough” and shoulder unnecessary stress and burden. Indulge in a weekend of slowing down, turning inward and relaxing into your perfect path.

SATURDAY (11am – 1pm) – Women, Power + Peace.
We create balance and harmony in our world, ourselves and our relationships when we reclaim the power of the divine feminine. Join us for a candid discussion of what it means to be a wise woman in a modern world and let go of our perfectionism. Identify the specific ways you hide your power and ancient tools to build confidence in your personal and professional life. All yoga levels and ages are welcome.

SATURDAY (2 – 4pm) – Reuniting the Head, Heart + Body.
The new evolution of femininity – unifies head, heart and unconditional love for our wise bodies. This sacred marriage is essential to retrieving the health and happiness we all desire and finding the balance of work, family and an inner life. Profound, restorative yoga and powerful meditation techniques to heal body image and insecurity and reclaim peace, pleasure, passion and play in our lives.

Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19, 2011 * 9 – 11am and 3 – 5pm

* Live from your core of Inner Power! Summer Solstice marks the time to “Fire Up” your core power.

* Reclaim your personal power by stoking the inner fire of self-confidence, self-trust and self-responsibility.

* Unlock your gifts. Blast through inner roadblocks and transform them into your greatest contributions. Instantly make choices aligned with your deepest truth.

{Disclosure: Montage is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}


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