Happy Mother’s Day

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Hello lovely ladies!  I just wanted to take a moment on this special weekend to wish you a VERY Happy Mother’s Day!

Now I know we all know that every day is “Mother’s Day,” but on this weekend of all weekends, I hope you feel extra pampered and appreciated for all you do.

I posted on Facebook this week asking what moms wanted to do for Mother’s Day, and one mom commented that she asked for individual “dates” or alone time with each family member over the course of the weekend.

She said, “I asked to spend one-on-one time with each person in my family this weekend. Dinner with my husband Friday night, miniature golf and lunch with my son on Saturday and pedicures and desserts with my daughter on Sunday. :)”

I thought this was the CUTEST idea and I think I might just have to adopt it as a tradition!  I love the one-on-one idea of doing something special. Thanks for sharing Michelle!

But more than anything, I just want my girls to wake me up as they usually do running into the room yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!” because being greeted like a rock star with that level of enthusiasm pretty much can’t be beat.   And in that sense, every day truly is “Mother’s Day” for me.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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