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I am a HUGE fan of Jessica from Jessica Bennett Interiors. Huge.  I wrote about her here.

Jessica Bennett Interiors is an Orange County interior design firm specializing in young families and professionals and she did the most amazing transformation of my living room in what I called my “Extreme Living Room Accessories Makeover” a few months back. Every day when I see that room that I love so much, I think of Jessica and I smile.

And now Jessica has made me smile again for another reason.

To me it is incredibly heartwarming to see people that use their talent for a good cause. Which is exactly what Jessica is doing in a very special design project benefiting the Good Shepherd Center for homeless women and children in Los Angeles.

The Good Shepherd Center gives refuge to women and children who are otherwise homeless, have a small income, and need a place to stay for up to two years while they find work and start getting back on their feet.

Just take a moment to let that sit with you.

Can you imagine having children and being homeless?   Being a mom is tough enough on it’s own but not being able to have a safe haven to call home is beyond comprehension.

Jessica Bennett Interiors is one of thirty other interior designers from Los Angeles and Orange County who have each pledged to design and completely furnish 30 different rooms for 30 different women, pro bono.

The designers are all donating their time and talent to design a new, beautiful room for the women residents so that they can have a fresh start as they work to rebuild their lives.

This amazing project is headed by two equally amazing women, Vanessa De Vargas and Vanessa Kogevinas. You can read more about the project here and read all about Jessica’s Good Shepherd designer interview here.

So now comes the easy part (designing the room!) and the hard part (paying for it…) so GUESS which part she needs your help with?

Since Jessica always dreams big, her goal is to raise $10,000 for the center.

She needs $4,000 to outfit her room from top to bottom and wants to raise another $6,000 to put directly in the center’s hands to help support the amazing work they are doing to help so many women.

Whether you can spare $5 or $1000, no amount is too small or large.  And she is getting the ball rolling with a $500 pledge in addition to her design service.

The list below shows you what your money can buy for her dream room:

Bulletin Board $20
Towel Bar $30
Picture Frames $40
Towels $40
Mirror $50
Lamp $90
Paint $100
Small Painting $100
Sconce $100
Light Pendant $130
Desk Chair $200
Large Painting $200
Area Rug $300
Chest of Drawers $300
Desk $300
Bedding $400
Painters $500
Window Treatments $500
Upholstered Headboard $600

Total $ 4,000

If you are moved to want to help Jessica with this project, you can click here to donate and send funds via PayPal or you can send a check to*:

Jessica Bennett Interiors
1931 Newport Blvd., Suite J
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

The project begins June 1st so she needs to have all donations collected by June 8th!

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!

*Due to logistical limitations at the shelter, all donations must be paid/made out to Jessica Bennett Interiors. Once all the donations are collected, we will then send the Good Shepherd Center a check, accompanied by a list of all our generous donors.

GOOD LUCK JESSICA!! I can’t wait to see the “after pics!”  I will do a post on the transformation Jessica does on this room!

{Disclosure: Jessica Bennett Interiors is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}


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