iComfort Blogger Experience: A Serta HQ Tour

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“Comfort is what you feel when you go to bed at night, support is what you feel when you wake up.” – Serta

Last month I was lucky enough to be included with a select (and wonderful!) group of bloggers from across the county to attend the Serta iComfort® Blogger experience in Chicago to learn more about Serta and their all new memory foam iComfort® mattresses.

Stay tuned because coming soon I have a FULL review and giveaway of an iComfort® Sleep System! Make sure to subscribe to my blog via RSS or email so you don’t miss my biggest giveaway EVER! You can also read the last paragraph below for two iComfort® giveaways going on right now.

I had such an incredible experience so I wanted to share some fun facts and a “behind the scenes” look from my tour of the Serta headquarters – the company that makes the world’s best mattress!

Serta hosted this amazing trip with the help and coordination of the fabulous team at Ketchum PR. We stayed at the uber-chic Dana Hotel and Spa in downtown Chicago.  Loved this hotel!  So hip and also comfortable.

And speaking of comfort, in the hotel we slept on a super cozy Serta mattresses, so it turns out I didn’t need to count this sweet little guy after all…

The next morning our group was taken to the state-of-the-art and eco-friendly headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  The award-winning designed facility was BEAUTIFUL!  It was in the middle of a PRAIRIE!  The design is such that when the flowers are in bloom, the building actually looks to be floating in the middle of a bed of flowers. Stunning.

The building had floor to ceiling windows and was full of light.  We were told the building was designed to be lit from the outside and the people on the inside. Love this.

We were greeted by Kelly Ellis and Al Klancnik from Serta {nicest people ever!} and were then given a full tour of the facility by Al.  To get a look firsthand at the headquarters of such a world renowned brand was incredibly cool.

Many times when you think of big, well-known brands, you don’t actually get to see the PEOPLE behind them. What struck me about Serta, is every person we met there was full of heart….completely genuine and they all had a contagious passion for the company and the products they represent.

They told us that the goal of Serta is to simply make “a safe, comfortable, durable mattress for you.”  And after sleeping on my new Serta iComfort mattress, let me tell you that “comfortable” is the understatement of the year!

We got to see how the different components are made, for example, how the quilting on the top of some of their beds goes from square to rounded!  I never thought of that before, but here is an employee working to round those edges…

And we got to see the inside of one of their innerspring top quilts.  Just look at the padding…soooo comfy!

I also learned that Serta has been around for 80 years. Yes, 80!

Over the years the company has created mattresses such as the Sertapedic, Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Signature brands like Vera WangTrump Home, Paula Deen, HGTV Green Home, Bellagio at Home, and even Nickelodeon mattresses for kids!

A company like that with such longevity means one thing = many endless happy consumers! And a big part of that has to do with QUALITY.

I was so thoroughly impressed with how they test for quality and durability.  It is incredibly high tech!  There were machines to simulate jumping, rolling, sitting to test for durability. Here are a few of their durability testing machines…

There was also an interesting mannequin that tests various pressure points on the body so that the mattresses are made to give you ultimate support exactly where you need it.

Here is one of our bloggers doing a “pressure point test!”

After our tour we were given a presentation on their new iComfort® technology and what makes their new iComfort memory foam beds just SO incredible.  I was thoroughly intrigued by the presentation, but it wasn’t until I tested the new iComfort® for myself did I fully experience the magnitude of comfort they were talking about!

In case you missed my first blog all about memory foam mattresses, click here for a little “Memory Foam 101” lesson and what makes the iComfort so revolutionary!  I honestly had no idea what the difference between memory foam and innerspring was until this trip. Now I know. It has completely changed the way I sleep.  Best night’s sleep I have ever experienced!

Here is the beauty herself…ahhhhhhhhh {enter sounds of angels singing…}

And then Director of Sales Education, Bob Muenkel, demonstrated how an already AMAZING bed can get even more incredible with their Motion Perfect® Adjustable Base.  The greatest thing to happen to me since DVR.

One interesting fact I learned is that traditionally in the past, most mattress companies sell mattresses designed by men, however, women are the ones usually purchasing the beds.

So Serta is the first company to have mattresses that are DESIGNED BY WOMEN.  Isn’t that interesting? I definitely think that a “woman’s touch” can be seen in the beauty of their designs and in the comfort.

Here are the lovely bloggers that got to participate in this trip…

Adventures in Babywearing

Hormone-Colored Days

I Should be Folding Laundry

Mommy Words

Mom Trends

Rockin Mama

Sisterly Savings

Soooooo stay tuned, all the bloggers above have giveaways of their own iComfort® Sleep Systems (including me!) coming soon!  One blogger already has her contest underway, click HERE to enter!  And Serta has their own giveaway going on now on their Facebook page!  Get entering mamas!

But you truly have to stop by a store for yourself and do your own “rest test” to see just how comfy they are.  I guarantee after you do, you will want to enter each and everyone of these giveaways!  Have a great day! Stay tuned…

{Disclosure: I received a free iComfort bed and base compliments of Serta and they paid for my travel costs, hotel, one spa treatment and meals to attend the iComfort Blogger Experience.  Serta will also provide me with a stipend for tax purposes. The opinions and reviews here are my own and have not been changed or altered by anyone else. Regardless of receiving a bed, of which I am utterly, eternally grateful, I would sing this bed’s praises ALL day long!}

Photo credit in main graphic of building at top: Serta.

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Not again.

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Last summer we had an incident that left my oldest daughter, Emma, then four, with a broken elbow and subsequently a full arm hot pink cast right in time for the start of preschool.

And now, as luck would have it, the hot pink cast has returned, the same left full arm cast, this time on my 23-month-old Morgan. How is this possible??

What are the chances that both of them have now broken a bone? It’s crazy.

The good thing about my blog is that when crappy things happen, at least I feel like I can vent and share with you in hopes that you keep it in the back of your mind and maybe I can keep it from happening to someone else.

It happened a few weeks ago on the night of Emma’s birthday. It was ironic, because it was one of those beautiful, perfect days.  Her morning birthday party was a blast, we spent the afternoon swimming, and then went to my parent’s house in the afternoon and had a great celebration dinner with my entire family. I remember sitting at dinner thinking how great the day had been.

It was almost time to go home when Morgan toddled into the kitchen. My husband and I were both still sitting outside and in a split second, she pushed the door out to the garage open with a whole hand (it wasn’t fully shut) near the hinge, and the door closed back and her pinky got shut in the hinge of the door.

It happened so fast.

It started bleeding like crazy and she was screaming and it was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I grabbed a paper towel to hold her finger and try to stop the blood.  I was hoping it was just a cut, but by the way she was screaming and the way it felt, my gut said her finger was badly hurt. It felt weird. Worst feeling ever. I was scared to death the tip of her finger was crushed or broken off.  It was AWFUL!!! When I removed the paper towel, I could see a bad cut, but thank God the finger was still there.

But then I had that moment (not thinking clearly) where I was thinking, do we take her to the ER or is it just a bad cut and not that bad? Don’t you hate that moment of self doubt when you wonder what warrants and trip to the doctor vs. overreacting??

But in my gut I knew she needed to be seen. Quick. All it took was one look by my sister, who is calm in these sorts of situations, and she said, “get in the car and take her to the ER right now.”

So we rushed her to the ER. My poor baby was hysterical, blood everywhere, and I just wanted to take the pain away. I would have done anything to take her pain and make it mine.  Nothing worse than seeing your child hurt.

Long story short, she broke the tip of her pinky finger and had a very bad laceration by her fingernail. They wrapped it up and told us to follow up with our pediatrician on Monday.  After seeing our regular pediatrician and watching it for the week, she then ended up referring us to an orthopedic doctor because it still looked pretty bad.

Luckily it did not turn into an infection. The orthopedic doctor tried to do a type of splint to immobilize it, but it didn’t work because of how small and active she is.  Finally this past week, the orthopedic doctor said we just have to cast the full arm until it heals. It was the only way.

Therefore, the return of the hot pink cast. UGH!

BUT, we are lucky.

I was told she could have amputated her finger (OMG the horror) or permanently lost her fingernail. Which being her left hand (think future wedding ring hand), although cosmetic, would have broken my heart.  She could have had more fingers affected as well, so we are lucky it was just one.  The doctor thinks that her fingernail is OK and that other than a slight permanent bend she will likely have in that finger, she should heal just fine.

Things I have learned:

Watch your kids and their little fingers around doors!!! How many times have you yelled, “watch your fingers!” or “be careful of your fingers!” at your kids when opening or closing doors?

Make sure doors that can be pushed open are all the way closed. This happened because the door was ajar and she could push it open by the hinge.  If she would have had to open it with the handle, her fingers wouldn’t have been near the hinge.

Listen to your gut. With an injury, if your gut tells you they need to be seen, just go.

Teach your kids that doors can be dangerous and don’t allow them to ever slam doors.

I hope this never happens to your kids!! It has been a royal pain in the boo-tay. Emma’s broken arm at her age was not that big of a deal, but at 23-months, having a cast has been much harder.  She is a trooper, but we are banned from sand and parks and water for now which has been HARD this time of year!  But we will survive, and as I always say, things could always be worse.

BUT, watch those little fingers mamas!!!!


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Summer Kids’ Movie Series at UltraLuxe Cinemas

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Fun, cheap OC summer activity alert! Woo hoo!

UltraLuxe Cinemas at Anaheim GardenWalk will be holidng their 2011 Summer Kids’ Movie Series every Tuesday and Wednesday from June 28 through August 31.

As part of the series, kids are invited to enjoy 10 weeks of recently released, family-friendly films for the one-time ticket price of $5.00.  Can you believe it’s only $5.00?!

A different film is featured each week, including favorite titles such as Yogi Bear, Shrek Forever After, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Tickets are on sale now at theater box offices. All films will be presented in 2D format, are rated G or PG and will start at 9:30 a.m. with the doors opening at 9 a.m.

Guests simply choose the day of the week they would like to attend and the one-time ticket price of $5.00 allows each guest to come back and see all 10 weeks of films. Children 2 and under are admitted for FREE.

This summer’s featured films are:

Yogi Bear

Shrek Forever After

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Ramona and Beezus

How To Train Your Dragon

Despicable Me


Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Alpha & Omega

Tooth Fairy

UltraLuxe Cinemas is located at Anaheim GardenWalk on the upper level at 321 W. Katella Ave. Free parking for 4 hours is provided with validation at the movie theater. The most convenient parking structure entrance for UltraLuxe Cinemas is off Disney Way. Tickets will be available at the box office only.

UltraLuxe Cinemas is the flagship Orange County location of UltraStar Cinemas, Southern California’s largest privately owned movie theater group. For more information, visit www.ultrastarmovies.com.

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Wild Rivers Plum District Deal

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Wondering what to do when the summer heats up in OC?  How about a cool outing to Wild Rivers Waterpark in Irvine?

With today’s Plum District deal, for $150 (normally $290) you’ll get a group of eight birthday party package – perfect for a birthday celebration!  And, take it from someone who just priced out birthday parties at various OC venues, this is a steal!

No birthdays in your family  this summer?  How about gathering a group of friends and make a fun summer day of it?

The party package includes admission for eight guests, plus one hour in the reserved party room which includes lunch, an unlimited beverage bar, and one parking pass.

So slide into savings and buy this deal now {<– click link to buy deal + read the fine print!}

Wild Rivers Waterpark Website

8770 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 788-0890

{Disclosure: Tiny Oranges is a Plum District Affiliate}

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Get 30% off at the South Coast Plaza Ann Taylor Event!

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Say hello to an all new ANN!

One of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor, invites you to celebrate the grand opening of their new concept store in South Coast Plaza where you can save big on the season’s hottest fashions!

The event takes place on Saturday, June 25th, 2011 from 1pm – 5pm and during that time you will receive 30% off your full price purchase!

3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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