Summer Fun at Pretend City

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If you haven’t yet taken your children to Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine I have to say it is something you MUST DO this summer! Lots of summer fun is in store for OC kids of all ages at Pretend City.

Recently I took my girls to check out their two new exhibits, the Dentist Office and Library!

First stop was the Dentist Office which is conveniently located next to the Doctor’s Office. Complete with an examining chair, xray bib, super large toothbrush and set of huge chompers to practice “brushing” it was so fun to let the girls play dentist and make the word ‘dentist’ synonymous with FUN!

Next stop was the newly opened Library, which held lots of more pretend fun in store with a “computer” and scanner so one could play librarian and check out the books!  I also loved that right there in the exhibit, you can actually sign up for your own Orange County Public Library card if you don’t already have one! So cool. I am a huge fan of the OC public libraries and everything they offer for kids.  If you don’t have a card, time to get one!  It’s free! And easy to do while you visit the Library at Pretend City!

Also!  There are two amazing classes offered this summer at Pretend City and registration is still open so I wanted to share the info.  I have personally taken two of Dr. Ann’s classes. AMAZING. She will give you a whole new perspective on parenting. I can’t believe the valuable information offered – for FREE!  I wrote about her class here and here. Love Dr. Ann!

Toddler Talk with Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor

Class Series: Tuesdays, July 12, 19, 26 (series; must attend all classes).  First class is tomorrow! Register today by clicking HERE.

It’s time for you as parents to let out your frustrations! During this parent-toddler interactive class, feel free to share your concerns and challenges with everything ranging from:

· Is what my child doing normal?
· Why does my child throw tantrums?
· I’ve tried everything and nothing works, why not?
· Why does it seem like my child is the only one who…?
· Why doesn’t my child listen?

No one person is the expert to all questions regarding your child, but we can learn a great deal from each other. We’ve all been there, now it’s time to share.

Who is it for? Grown-ups and their toddler; grown-up participation required. Is there a fee? Museum admission not required nor included.

Anything else I should know? Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor; presented by Pretend City’s Child Development Initiative, Good To Go From Head To Toe!

The Mad Science Under the Sea and Summer Sun Classes

Fridays during the month of July.

Class Dates: Fridays, July 15 – 29.

Take a break on Friday afternoons to learn to see the ocean and sun in a whole new way during these engaging science classes presented by Mad Science. These Under the Sea and Summer Sun classes will help children explore the beach side from the various sea animals to ocean waves and the sun.

· Friday, July 15 Life In the Sea Class
What is life like under the ocean’s surface? What kind of animals and plants are found in the sea? Examine and investigate sea creatures. Learn about buoyancy and adaptation. Make your own Cartesian diver and find out what humans must do in order to explore the deep, dark depths of our planet’s oceans.

· Friday, July 22 Wacky Waves
Create your own ocean wave bottles while learning about water, waves and the environment. Simulate the effects of an ocean oil spill and develop creative techniques to clean it up!

· Friday, July 29 Solar Science
Learn how to harness the power of the sun and avoid getting burned. Make your own UV detector to check whether it’s time to cover up!

Who is it for? Children ages 5-8 years (Grown-up participation is required) Is there a fee? $15 per child per class; $13 per child per class if you register for all three.

Why should I participate in this? All classes support California State Science Content Standards. Activities done within this class build upon essential skills and knowledge children need to be scientifically literate citizens.

Anything else I should know? Registration for each class required by Tuesday, July 12, Tuesday, July 19, and Tuesday, July 26 to secure your space.  Click HERE to register and get more information.

{Disclosure: Pretend City is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}


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