Wordless Wednesday: PDA

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I wrote about how my poor little one ended up with this cast a couple weeks ago. Thank goodness it is off now and she is doing great! Hooray!

When Morgan got the cast on my oldest daughter Emma was very excited to pull out the black Sharpie to write on it. I sort of hemmed and hawed and tried to dissuade her because when Emma had her hot pink cast it ended up all scribbled on and looked so messy.

I was hoping since Morgan was too young to know about signing casts, that I would be able to escape the Sharpie marks this time around.

But Emma persisted about signing and I agreed she could sign her name and fully embraced the fact I was being completely uptight and needed to chill. I mean, what fun is a cast if no one is allowed to take a Sharpie to it?!

So I told her to just write her name and when I looked over she was still writing and I was about to intercept the pen and tell her it was enough when I went to see what she had written.


And I couldn’t believe I had actually almost not like her write on it.  Every time I saw that it made my heart smile. Talk about a public display of affection :)!

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    That is precious!

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