I Love My Bed Part II: Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base Review

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Let me let you in on a little secret.  After the Serta iComfort Blogger Experience (which included a complimentary mattress with choice of base) when I came home and told my husband we had the choice of getting the AMAZING Motion Perfect Adjustable Base complimentary on our new bed he sort of looked at me like I was crazy.  I think there was also a really bad “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” joke insinuating that adjustable beds were, um, for a more mature generation. But let me tell you, this is NOT your grandmother’s adjustable bed this is a SPA RETREAT IN YOUR BEDROOM!  I love it so much that I had to do a dedicated review on the Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base.  I hope it is helpful if you are in the market for a new mattress and bed.

First back to my doubting husband.  In my head I knew all he would have to do is TRY the base to see what I was talking about so I took him to a retail store to try out the iComfort mattresses and adjustable base. One click of the “lounge” position on the wireless remote and as we both laid there in the most relaxing position he looked sideways to me and said, “This is incredible. We HAVE to get this base.”  And I wanted to scream, “I told you so!!!!!” But I didn’t, because I always knew.

So, once again, I can get verbose, especially when talking about the second greatest invention of the past 100 years to me, the first being DVR, so I will summarize as bullet points help me get to the point.

My Top 5 Reasons Why I Love the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base So Very Much

1. Head and foot elevation. Our master bedroom is set up so we can watch TV and movies in bed. We used to prop ourselves up with numerous pillows to watch TV but now, with a click of a button, we can raise the head or feet just to our liking to make the PERFECT lounge position.  You guys, it is so amazing I want to cry. I am not being dramatic.

2. Zero G. This setting  positions your feet higher than your head and heart.  It is the best position to relieve any lower back tension or if you have sore feet or legs. After a long day with the kids I will sometimes rest in this position and just feel the adjustment in my back. Total stress reliever.

3. Duel Wireless Remotes.   There are duel wireless remotes that control the elevation for both sides (we have a king-sized bed that lays on two different bases.)  I love that we can each have our own remote on our side of the bed and never have the “pass the remote” issues.

4. Massage.  Yes, therein comes the “spa retreat in your bedroom” reference as there is actually a button to turn on a vibrating massage for your head, feet or both in different intensities! It is SO relaxing.  I could just listen to the hum and drift off to sleep. I love, love, love this feature.

5. Tailored base and legs.  The Motion Perfect Adjustable Base comes with neutral upholstry and dark wood legs. Therefore, I could throw away with my bed skirt forever! I have NEVER been a fan of a bed skirt as it always got askew and wrinkly.  This look is so clean. I LOVE IT!

Things to Consider When Choosing if the Motion Adjustable Base is for You!

1. Do you watch TV, read or work on your laptop, phone or iPad in bed?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you will LOVE it!

2. Are you pregnant or hope to be sometime in the future?

If you answered yes to the above, you will LOVE it! I wish, wish, wish I had this bed when I was pregnant or my baby was a newborn.  It would be the perfect bed to nurse in and with my baby’s colic, I could have laid her upright on my chest and put the bed on vibrate (think like a clothes dryer!) and hopefully been able to soothe her. The Zero G position would have also be a God send with my pregnant swollen ankles!

Random Notes to Mention!

1.  The Adjustable Bed and Little Ones. I love to raise the head up and snuggle with my girls in bed and watch a show with them.  It is super relaxing for all of us and again, it is the perfect place to have some “downtime.”  But I never let them play with the remotes and am always there with them in the bed when it is elevated.  My two-year-old is a little monkey so she can climb over the top of the head and onto the base, so until my monkey gets older, I supervise the little ones when the bed is elevated.

2. Slippage. The mattress comes zippered to the base so that when it goes up and down, it never slides very far down and stays in place. Many adjustable beds have that big, bulky unattractive bar at the end of the bed, but this zipper system means you don’t need a bar.  Incidentally, it does come with a small bar if you want to install it as well, but we chose not to. Any time you have a mattress that is going up and down, there will be some slippage so after we have the mattress elevated, it will move a tad away from our headboard and I do periodically have to push it back up against the headboard.

Here is Bob from Serta showing us the zipper that attaches the mattress to the base…

In closing, my bed now is an escape for me. A little slice of luxury.  A place of serenity and complete and total encompassing comfort.  Again, I want to cry I love it SO much. I hope you have found this review helpful! And I REALLY hope you will enter my giveaway coming up soon!

In the meantime, Serta is having ANOTHER TwitPic contest this week to giveaway an iComfort mattress and base!  If you entered before, you can enter the same photo!  Click HERE for all the rules.  One of my readers, Candace, was a WINNER of their Facebook contest, so mamas, enter because PEOPLE WIN!   Here is my post before on their previous Twitter contest so you can see how it works.  It’s so easy!  GOOD LUCK!

{Disclosure: I received a free iComfort bed and base compliments of Serta and they paid for my travel costs to attend the iComfort Blogger Experience. Serta will also provide me with a stipend for tax purposes. The opinions and reviews here are my own and have not been changed or altered by anyone else.}


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  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    Your posts are making it so hard to wait for this bed!!
    Thanks for the mention!

  2. 2
    Candace says:

    Oh my! I want this bed! I can not wait to enter the giveaway!!

  3. 3
    Pam says:

    PLEASE, tell me how do you use a headboard with this? We are looking at getting one of these and don’t want to part with out headboard. But, the salespeople can’t tell us if a headboard can be used.

    • 4
      Karen Starks says:

      Pam, ours came with some concauction to hook up a head board, but I chose to just leave free standing, and you can’t tell.

  4. 5
    Karen Starks says:

    My husband and I, just bought this bed, so far so good, we absolutley love it and he had to convince me his mind was made up as soon as he laid on it. The only thing I find is that you cant use as bed skirt…

  5. 6
    jen says:

    I have a headboard with this base – it is a free standing one and works great. Only thing is that we periodically have to push the mattress back up flush against the headboard if it has been elevated like I mentioned.

    I wonder if you use the bar that comes with it to keep the mattress in place if you can use a bed skirt? I will try to find out for you…

  6. 7
    John says:

    So do you have a split mattress as well so that you can raise your side of the bed while the other side remains in the normal flat position? Or does each remote simply control the whole bed?

  7. 8
    more info says:

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  8. 9
    Kathy says:

    My husband and I were out today shopping for mattresses. We tried out the Prodigy and loved it. Then we tried the adjustable and loved it more. We are undecided whether to go with the king or 2 XL twins. My husband wants separate and I feel that is for older people. Not sure which way to go?

    • 10
      jen says:

      Hi Kathy! You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE both. My husband and I use the adjustable feature every single day – don’t know how we lived without it before!

      Regarding King vs. 2 Twin XL’s. My husband and I have the King, I agree, the thought of two separate mattresses seemed “weird” to me too, and it has worked great for us.

      I think the deciding factor is to think about how you will be using the adjustable feature – and if you will be doing that together or alone.

      For example, would you forsee situations where you would want to have the bed elevated to read, but your husband would want it flat to go to sleep at the same time, or vice versa?

      My husband and I always go to sleep at the same time, so either we are watching TV with it elevated together, or reading / watching TV together, and then we do lights out at the same time, so there is never to rarely an occasion where we would want one side elevated while the other wasn’t.

      Therefore, the king made the most sense for us.

      I hope that helps!!!! Let me know your thoughts!

  9. 11
    Jaref says:

    I own this base and mattress for about a year and a half now. The base is great, the mattress is the biggest piece of S I have ever owned. In less than a year it has an inch and a half sag on both sides of the bed and causes my wife and I so much back pain. The mattress is being replaced by the manufacturer, but I also have the option to select a different mattress. Guess what I am doing…

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