Scotch Restickable Shapes for Mounting

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This was another favorite find at the BlogHer expo – Scotch Restickable Shapes for Mounting!

I overheard other moms at their booth raving about these handy shapes but I had never even seen them before. And after taking some home and using them, I had to wonder how had I never bought them before!  They are AMAZING!!!

The pack consists of 18 cute little shapes you can stick and mount on anything including STAINLESS STEEL (for your fridges!), plastic, concrete, glass, wood, painted walls and more. Better yet, you can clean and reuse again and again.

They can hold up to 3/4 lb and display lightweight objects like papers, photos, artwork, etc. I love that it is an easy and quick way to mount to a wall without having to use thumbtacks or nails and leave ugly holes behind.

Best find EVER! Click HERE to put in your zip and find a store near you that carries them and click HERE to download a Scotch coupon for $.75 off your Scotch restickable shapes, strips or tabs purchase good through 9/30/11!

At the end of the expo, I saw a tweet from @ScotchProducts offering their leftover supplies for a donation local schools.  Tera and I tweeted back that we were locals and could take them, so we both went home with a bunch of supplies to give to our public schools. Which are desperately needed.

Thank you Scotch! I heart you AND your sassy, brilliant little shapes!


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    kristi says:

    They gave me a donation of Scotch Tape for my son’s school too – they sure can use it.

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