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A couple weeks ago I did a post on SeekingSitters OC which is a babysitting referral service that will find you a great, reliable, background-checked sitter when you need one. In doing my research for that post,  I spoke with Kim Kane, the local Orange County owner, for almost an hour about her company and the service they provide.

At the time, my husband and I were planning on having to cancel on friends for an upcoming fun dinner event because we didn’t have a sitter available. Because I have never left my kids with someone I hadn’t previously met, it didn’t occur to me to use a service like this. In fact, the thought of it before would have made me nervous.

But after talking to her I felt so comfortable with her and her company that I went ahead and asked her if I could give SeekingSitters OC a try so we could go to our dinner. Which we did this past weekend, and I am thrilled to share my personal experience today!

Bottom Line: I LOVED IT. My entire experience from start to finish was stress-free and completely delightful.

It was really ridiculously easy! I filled out their application online, got the approval email, and was then able to log in and enter my babysitting request date and time. I then got a personal call from our assigned babysitter wanting to connect with me about details and to discuss my girls and what they like to do.

As a member I was able to log in and look at all the sitter profiles.  It was nice to read what other parents had said about our assigned sitter.  Through the site, I was able to send her an email so we could talk details, to which she immediately responded. It was also helpful to sit with my oldest and show her our sitter’s picture and read about her. This really helped get her used to the idea.

I was really impressed with our sitter before we even met her. She responded to my calls, emails and texts and by the time our babysitting event rolled around, I sort of felt like I already knew her.

When she arrived at our given time, the first thought that came to mind was that she looked like a modern day, college-aged Mary Poppins. She showed up in her cute hot pink SeekingSitters t-shirt carrying a huge duffel bag choc-full of toys and activities. Only thing she was missing was the umbrella!

With one look at her warm smile and sense of her calm demeanor and it was love at first sight for my girls. I think the huge duffel bag of goodies might have also played into their affection as well!

After a quick house tour and talk of the schedule, we kissed the girls good-bye. She completely engaged with them and they were totally enamored with her. I was prepared for some tears but we left with both girls smiling. Huge.

At dinner, I truly didn’t worry and was able to enjoy myself. When we got home, the house was completely picked up and tidy, and she had a time sheet detailing everything from the evening, down to “teeth brushed at 7:17pm.” Gotta love it.

She gave me two Christmas ornaments she had made with the girls and showed me how much Emma loved the name tags she brought to play school. She told me Morgan was completely entertained with the huge bucket of animal figurines. It was like she knew exactly what both my girls would love to play with!

From this experience, I can’t more highly recommend SeekingSitters OC and the service they provide. They do ALL of the work for you!!!

No applications to review, interviews to schedule, or calls to return.You simply request your date and they send a darling, pre-screened, pre-interviewed, sitter with a bag of activities to your home when you need them.  It’s truly incredible.

As a Tiny Oranges special, Kim is offering two free hours for your first babysitting event for new clients. To redeem, you will have to first sign-up to become a member (one time fee of $39.99) and then for your first babysitting event, you can reference “Tiny Oranges” on the time sheet and you will not be billed for two hours.

If you have any special holiday events coming up, this is a great service to keep in mind. I will DEFINITELY be using SeekingSitters OC again in the future and it makes me really feel good to know that if a time comes when there is an event that we have to go to, I know where to turn.

Please also read my first post on the company for more information and to see some pictures of some of the sitters on their team.

[Disclosure: SeekingSitters OC is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor and this babysitting event was complimentary. All opinions are completely 100% my own and I was over-the-moon thrilled with this service.]


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  1. 1
    Danielle Jones says:

    Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your family, and thank you for your incredibly sweet words. Hopefully I will see you soon! 🙂

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    I am sooo happy to share about SeekingSitters and you because you were just SO amazing! Thanks for taking such good care of my girls!

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