Sony Projector Handycam: Best Holiday Gift Ever!

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Going to see a live taping of the Oprah Show was always a dream of mine. It was sadly one of those Bucket List items that I didn’t get to check off.

But last week when I was invited by The Go To Mom Kimberley to attend a special Sony Event for Social Media Moms, I finally got my “Oprah Moment” when I found out that we were not only going to be learning about the new Sony Projector Handycam, but that we were also getting the HDR-PJ10 model to keep!

You get a Projector Handycam! You get a Projector Handycam! What?! It didn’t even feel real! Christmas certainly came early for me this year!

Now that I have let the reality sink in that this baby is really is mine, I have become obsessed with shooting video and exploring all the functions. Seeing that it is approaching December I wanted to share this camcorder with you because it would make the best holiday gift ever!

If you are in the market for a new camcorder, this has to be one of the greatest video cameras out there for families.

Let me tell you why and the things / features I love the most:

*  Easy to use. I have to admit I am not super technically-inclined. Eventually I can figure things out, but I do not love reading through user manuals.

This video camera is extremely easy to learn to use and is very intuitive. So much so that you could pick it up, open the viewfinder and quickly figure out how to shoot a video without even opening the user manual. Mommy like. A lot.

Projector.  This camcorder enables you to PROJECT your videos onto a flat surface immediately in the Playback function without any cables needed! I almost fell over when I saw this for the first time. It allows you to share your creations instantly and can project up to a 60″ image. My girls went absolutely wild for this and they now ask me to play our “family movies” almost nightly. I took lots of videos at Thanksgiving last weekend and then we all sat down to watch over pumpkin pie. Love, love, love!

* Phenomenal Picture Quality. It records in exceptional HD quality so the picture and colors are brilliant. I love that I can capture every freckle on my little one’s faces. Sigh. You are also able to take still photos during any video so you don’t have to worry about missing out on taking photographs while videotaping.

*  Image  Stabilization. The videos I used to take on our old video camera (not a Sony) were pretty shaky because when videotaping kids (especially my kids) I have to move around a lot. You could almost get sea sick watching some of my old footage! With Sony’s built in SteadyShot, it helps keep your videos from being shaky and it makes a HUGE and noticeable difference!

Instant Highlights! You can also put together a short movie using the Event Browse & Highlight Playback function.  This is soooo amazing! With one press of a button in Playback, you can instantly show a fun montage movie with highlights of your footage. You can even add your own music or use the default tunes.

Touch Screen.  Everything from zooming to recording to navigating the menu and settings can be done on the easy-to-use touch screen.

I could go on and on and on and there are many more incredible features you can read about in more detail here. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more vlogs (video blogs) from me in 2012 because I am OBSESSED with my new toy! Plus, video just allows you to tell so much more of the story. Can you feel my excitement through this post?! Stay tuned…

[Disclosure: I was invited to the Sony Social Media Moms Luncheon and received a free HDR-PJ10 Sony Projector Handycam. We also received a yummy lunch and other fun goodies like a puppet-making kit and cookie-baking materials to help with some ideas for some fun home videos to shoot with our kids. It was a really amazing day and I am so grateful to Sony and The Go To Mom for including me. All my opinions are 100% my own!]


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  1. 1
    Lani says:

    You are too cute. Lucky you with the new handycam. Love the projector feature.

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Seriously the nicest comment ever. You made my day. Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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