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HELLO 2012! How are you guys? Did you have a great holiday?

Taking last week off from posting was very relaxing, but I have to admit, when I sat down to write this one, I was VERY happy to be back at it again! 

Speaking of happiness, I was catching up on old DVR’d shows over the break and happened to watch a 20/20 on Katie Couric interviewing Regis Philbin before his last day on Live! One of the questions she asked him was to finish this sentence…

“I am happiest when…”

That question sort of sat with me through the week and I thought more and more about how I would finish that sentence.  This is a time of year when I reflect on the year past and the things I want for the upcoming year.

So I brainstormed about the things that bring me joy and happiness.

Over a quiet New Year’s Eve dinner with my husband, I asked him the same question.

The first thing that came to his mind was a recent morning over Winter Break when he was off work and Emma was off of school. The girls had come to climb into bed with me that morning, and my husband who is usually a busy-body being productive and getting stuff done around the house, climbed into bed with us and the four of us cuddled and laughed and watched a Max & Ruby episode together.

We did this because it was a morning when we HAD NO PLACE WE HAD TO BE. Our lives sometimes seem so hectic and on the run. It was so refreshing to have a morning where we truly had no plans.

I told him we have to create those types of mornings more regularly.

So here is my list of the times I feel happiest…

* Cuddling with my girls. I am treasuring this age when they are still little and love nothing more than snuggling.

* Running.

* Learning something new. I just got my first iMac and learned how to edit my first iMovie over the break because I want to start doing more video blogs. I got a little rush when I finished my first one of Christmas morning to send to the grandparents.

* Exercising my creativity. Whether it’s using a cute new font in Photoshop or doing the video or designing something for my site, I get so much joy out of the creative process. I also took my first art class and created a painting at Timree‘s Art Studio in December and didn’t realize how much I would get out of painting.

* Helping people. Raising money for pediatric cancer research through Team Tiny Oranges, hearing that my beloved cleaning lady, Lucy, got three new clients from Tiny Oranges, volunteering in my daughter’s classroom to help the teachers, truly made me realize how important helping people is to my happiness.

* Spending time alone with my husband. We had 3 nights away for our 10 year anniversary. And one night away for his 40th birthday. These times hold some of the best memories of the year.

* Family vacation. Our time in Paradise Point was just so much fun. To be away from it all and just spend time together with no other obligations is truly a gift. I plan to make that a priority each year.

* Time to talk with my close friends. My friend and I trained for the PCRF half marathon in May and spent one morning a week running together and talking. Those runs meant so much to me. To be able to talk through any current challenges with a close friend is so therapeutic.

* Time with immediate family. Seeing the grandparents with my kids and how much joy they bring them brings me immense happiness. We are blessed everyone is in good health and I feel really grateful for the time they get with the grandkids.

I believe we play a big part in creating our own happiness. But in today’s busy world, it can sometimes take a little work and planning.

Your turn!

When are the times you are at your happiest? When do you feel most at ease? When do you feel the most joyful?



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  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    What a great question, and a perfect time to ask and answer it. Myself, I find I’m happiest when I’m at the beach with my dog, when I’m at Disneyland, taking new photos and editing them, and relaxing somewhere eating a nice lunch while reading a book.

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    I am happiest when I’m watching my girls play and giggle together, when I’m running, when my house is all picked up and clean as a whistle, when my husband says something funny — something that really makes me laugh (which happens often, luckily), when I’m at work, and when I go in an see my girls fast asleep looking like little angels.

  3. 3
    Jen says:

    Reading your list made ME happy!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    Your post not only reminded me of the things that make me happiest, but also to refocus on the things that make me happiest that I can actually control. Thank you for that. Hope to see you at PCRF again this year!

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