DIY Valentine Ideas from Kristin Eldridge

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If anyone is looking for fun DIY Valentine Ideas, here is a cute how to from Kristin Eldridge of Kristin Eldridge Photography

Nothing says love like handmade. 

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I get excited about making little tokens of affection.

Sometimes, it’s baking for friends and or sweet written notes, but when it comes to the children, I love using their photos for handmade valentines.

This year, pixie sticks were the sweet treat, adorned with a photo and a little flag.  It’s a no-fuss project they are thrilled to hand out to all their friends!

Step one:  If you own photoshop, take a photo of your child and use the elliptical marquee tool to draw a circle around their face.  Then right click and choose ‘select inverse.’  Delete the outside of the circle and use the move tool to move to a blank page.  Move as many of these circles to your blank page as you need, then print the page.  I printed on regular old card stock.

Step two:  Cut out the circles.  I chose to leave a white space around the circle because it was easier to cut in a nice rounded line.  If you do not own photoshop, print out 4x6s of your child and use a circle template (found at craft stores) to trace around the child’s face.  Then simply cut around the line.

Step three:  Using a glue stick, attach the circle to the top of the pixie stick.

Step four:  Attach a little flag to the pixie stick.  I chose to print out strips that said the child’s name, but you could achieve an equally cute result by gluing a little strip of ribbon around.  Or tie a bow!  The possibilities are endless!

If you’re inspired to get crafty, check out another Valentine’s Day DIY from last year which resulted in this sweet treat…

SO cute! Thank you Kristin!  Happy crafting mamas!

Kristin Eldridge is a mommy of 3 and the talent behind the lens of Kristin Eldridge Photography and a Tiny Oranges friend and partner for many years ! Love you AND your ideas Kristin! xo  


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    Carmen says:

    Oh gees these are super cute!!

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      Jen says:

      I love them too! Going to try to make them for Morgan’s little preschool class!

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