Artimus Art: Custom Books of Your Child’s Art!

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your child’s art?  Personally, I feel guilty throwing it out, so lots of time they end up in a drawer or box with the thought “someday I will do something with these…” But that day never comes! If you have found yourself in the same boat, I am thrilled to tell you about Artimus Art, a company that takes the hassle out of preserving children’s artwork.

You send them your child’s artwork and they send you back a beautiful, professionally crafted fine art coffee table book to showcase your little one’s creations.The oversized books measure 11″ x 11″ and even include customizable covers a dedication page with photo upload. And, Artimus Art is giving away one of their 30 page Red Wagon books this week, so make SURE to enter below mamas!

Wouldn’t this make a darling gift for a grandparent? And seeing that we are approaching the end of school, wouldn’t it be a great idea to do an art book for each school year?  Or how about having children in a class each contribute a piece for a special teacher’s gift?

When I first heard about this company I wondered how they would get my child’s art into a printed hard cover, case bound book, so let me tell you how it works

1. First you count the number of art pieces you have, then choose a package on their website that fits the amount of artwork you have. You can order down as you can always add pages to a book package.

The Red Wagon package is a 30 page book, the Trolley, a 50 page book, or a Dump Truck, an 80 page book.  The art collection box shipping is included in all packages.

2. Once purchased, your art collection box will be shipped the next business day and includes a return label to send in your artwork. The collection box will include an order form to add pages, extra oversized artwork, and to order extra book copies. All you have to do is take the stack of artwork and put it in the oversized bag and mail it in along with your order form. Easy peasy!

3. When it arrives, each piece is scanned, digitally enhanced, gently restored, digitized and posted to a web gallery. By the way, you will also get email updates along the way to let you they received it. They can even scan pieces with glitter, macaroni or other materials!

4. Once a customer’s artwork is posted, they are notified by email. They can then log on to their account to customize their book. You can customize the cover, color, font, do a dedication page with a photo, even title the artwork if you would like.

5. When your customizing is complete, your book will be printed and bound, and they will return your artwork along with your art collection book.

Each book package includes one book, but if extra copies are desired, you can order duplicate copies at a reduced price.  For $20.00, you can even do a unique dedication page for grandparents, aunts, friends, anyone!

In addition to preserving your child’s artwork in the hardcover book, Artimus Art now also offers a CD with high resolution files of all your child’s art images. You can turn these files in a JPEG for use in countless projects such as iron-ons, invitations, cards, etc.  You can add on a disc to any package for only $35.

And let me just reiterate about the quality, these are not your run of the mill photo books, these are fine art quality books.  Quality is the number one priority for Artimus Art, so each piece is beautifully scanned with high attention to the color enhancement so the finished project is jaw dropping. All you have to do is Google “Artimus Art” and you can read all the rave reviews for yourself.

If you have a specific favorite piece of art, you can also order a canvas print to hang on your wall.  Such a darling gift idea or fun for a sibling’s room or new baby nursery. Oh la la I just LOVE the possibilities of Artimus Art!

And ONE very lucky reader today has the opportunity to win one Red Wagon Book ($165 value!) To enter, complete as many of the Rafflecopter entry options as you would like below. The more you do, the more chances to win. GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: Artimus Art is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share this brilliant company with you!]


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Kid’s Dance Party Playlist

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All of a sudden my five (almost six) year old has discovered the joy of the dance party. I found my iPad getting stolen more and more often as she went into my Music list to play songs to practice her jazz moves.

Then on one occasion she looked at the song graphic for LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and said, “that’s weird!” and I grabbed the iPad and thought, OK, time to make her OWN playlist of mom approved songs!

There are the ones we have on her list so far. I would love to add to this list, so please comment with your suggestions as well!

Emma’s Dance Party Playlist: 

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Who Let the Dogs Out – Baha Men (me laughing)

Party Rock Anthem – Kidz Bop version!

Shake It Up – Selena Gomez

Walkin’ On Sunshine – Katrina

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Evacuate the Dance Floor – Kidz Bop 18

Firework – Katy Perry

Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez

Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

Get the Party Started – Kids Dance Party version

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Any other ideas?  Got a birthday party for her coming up and want a fun little mix! What songs do your kids LOVE? What’s your family’s party rock anthem??

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*The Coconut Oil Cure All*

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I feel like everywhere I turn people are talking about the benefits of  using Coconut Oil as a cure all for almost everything!   So I picked up some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil at Trader Joe’s the other day and was a little confused when I saw it in a jar in a solid form?

After doing a little reading I found out it’s because of its high saturated fat content. But here’s the deal- it’s the RIGHT kind of saturated fat.

I opened the jar to the most divine scent- smelled like vacation!  But when I tasted it I was surprised that the flavor wasn’t as coconut-ty as I expected which I guess is good for those non-coconut lovers out there. And maybe helps to lend itself better to some of the different uses?

One of my friends loves spreading it on her toast instead of butter… here are some other ways to work it into your life…

Some Obvious Uses:

*Cooking – Coconut Oil can sustain high heats, so try subbing in a little the next time you sauté something.

*Baking – I recently substituted 50% coconut oil (I heated slightly to make it liquid) 50% vegetable oil in a carrot cake (recipe called for vegetable oil) & it turned out so moist & delicious!  (And my husband who doesn’t like coconut LOVED the cake.)

Some Not-So-Obvious Uses/Benefits:

*Hair – Use a little on the ends of to add shine & condition dry or damaged hair.  You can also rub onto your scalp to keep it free of dandruff, lice & lice eggs! (Wow- keep this in mind next time you get a call from the school nurse)

*Skin – Helps with dry skin (makes sense when you think about the coconut scent of the yummiest smelling sunscreens) but is also supposed to delay wrinkles and sagging of skin from aging.  (Um, yes please!)

*Heart Health – Coconut Oil contains lauric acid which helps prevent of high cholesterol and heart disease.

*Metabolism – It contains short & medium-chain fatty acids that help in shedding excess weight and is known for increasing metabolism.

*Aids in digestion – by helping the body in dealing with various bacteria and parasites that cause indigestion.

*Immunity Boosting Coconut Oil has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties to help boost immunity.

*It’s good for your teeth – Coconut Oil helps with the absorption of calcium & is known to stop tooth decay!?!  (If you have a minute, Google “Coconut Oil Pulling.“)

Coconut Oil is also known to be beneficial for the liver, kidneys, bones, and diabetes by controlling blood sugar.

The list really goes on and on…

I’m a fan of the “Everything in Moderation” mantra… but I’m going to start trying to work a little more Coconut Oil into my family’s diet!

Click here to watch a Dr. Oz video segment about it.

Do you use coconut oil? Please share any tips / uses you might have!

(Info on the health benefits of coconut oil from Image from

(Disclosure- I’m not a doctor nor a dietician, I’m just learning about the benefits of this wonder-oil & thought I would share with all of you!)

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Best Beaches for Kids in Orange County

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Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Since we are officially entering beach season, I wanted to do a post on the beach beaches for kids in Orange County. Awhile back I asked my Facebook fans for their favorite kid-friendly OC beaches. Just one more reason to “like” us on Facebook. I have the most amazingly resourceful mamas on there. Here are all the great recommendations…

Sunset Beach

“Parking at Sunset Beach is FREE which is an added plus!” ~ Lisa

Seal Beach

Super cute playground, and lots of lovely shops & food places.” ~ Amber

“Great bathrooms, playground, shops, places to eat and parking all close by.” ~ Andi

Playground at Balboa Pier

“Playgrounds, restrooms & close parking. Just have to go early!” ~ Lisa

Ruby Beach Balboa Island

Great beach for little ones, it’s on the bay, so no waves. Biggest downside is no restrooms, but great for a couple hour beach visit. It’s located at the end of Ruby Avenue at North Bay Front.” ~ Jen (me!)

Corona del Mar

“No playground but not a lot of sand walking needed to get to the bathrooms and a tame crowd.” ~ Jennifer

El Moro Beach (Crystal Cove State Park)

“This is a beach that is accessible from the Moro Canyon Camping entrance by El Moro school. I believe it’s $15 to park for the day. If you go early, you can park very close to the beach at the bottom of the hill and and take path under the freeway. Nice, clean new restrooms, hardly any sand walking.” ~ Jen (me!)

Crystal Cove Beach by Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

“Tidepools are wonderful, and they have The Beachcomber restaurant.” ~ Amber

“We LOVE Crystal Cove but it can be a trek down to the beach with younger kids and parking is expensive.” ~ Katie

“I also love to check out the historic Crystal Cove Beach Cottages. If you don’t want a sit down restaurant, you can also head up the hill for a hot dog from Ruby’s Shake Shack.”  ~ Jen (me!)

Aliso Beach

“Close parking, good bathrooms and a playground.” ~ Aracely

“Nice and easy to lug stuff to and from the car!” ~ Vanessa

Salt Creek Beach

“Bathrooms are close to beach and there are lots of walking paths and parking is inexpensive.” ~ Katie

Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Beach by the Montage

“Stunningly gorgeous.”  ~ Jen (me!)

Mother’s Beach at Dana Point

“Nice as they have a barrier so there are no waves close to the shoreline, good for the little kiddos!” ~ Nicola

Capistrano Beach

“Easy Parking and beach access…my son loves it because of the train that passes by often. I am not sure about their bathrooms…” ~ Melissa

Did we miss any? Please comment below on your faves! And have a beachy keen day! xo

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My Fave Trader Joe’s Products

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Someone-I-know-knows-someone who’s job it was to just travel around the world to amazing destinations looking for new products to grace the shelves and freezers of Trader Joe’s~ can you say DREAM JOB!?!?

In some cases there are probably equivalent products in a regular grocery store but for some reason doesn’t just feels a little healthier & taste a little bit better from Trader Joe’s?

I thought it  would be fun to start a conversation with all of you reading this post right now~ please comment below with your favorite TJs products so we can all relish in their convenient amazingness together!

My (Susanne’s) favorites in no particular order:

* Tomato Basil Hummus  – I could drink it.

* Frozen Hash Browns – fried in a little Olive Oil=crispy deliciousness.

* PB Filled Pretzels – addictive.

* Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches – heaven.

Just a Handful of Nuts – so convenient.

* Hold the Cone – adorable little ice cream cone treat.

* Power Berries – yum.

* Almonds covered in Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar – scary good.

* My favorite homemade sandwich I cut in half & toast their Asiago Rosemary Rolls + Uncured Deli Turkey Meat +  Sliced Goat’s Milk Dutch Cheese + a handful of their  Herb Salad Mix (I love a little mayo but dijon would be delish as well).  I still look forward to having this sandwich, and I eat it A LOT.

Fresh Linen Scent Anti-bacterial Hand Soap – smells amazing & cute bottle.

Jen’s favorites in no particular order:

Frozen Steelcut Oatmeal – Individually package for single servings, two per box. I have one every morning around 10am for a mid morning snack with a few blueberries and almonds.  Love.

Mango Sorbet – Soooo yummy and I love just a little spoonful for a little sweet taste after a meal.

Organic Brown Rice – Green box, frozen section. Our family lives on this stuff!

Trader Grotto’s 3 Cheese Pizza – One of those no fail dinners when you are short on time!

Trader Grotto’s Turkey Burgers – These are in the frozen section. AMAZING. Super flavorful and choc full of protein. So yummy you don’t even need a bun, I eat it topped with some cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Garlic Herb Chicken Sausage – This is a favorite of mine to cut up and use in pasta dishes.

Your turn! Comment below!

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