Cute Summer Gift Idea

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If you are looking for a go-to cute summer gift idea, I am loving the personalized beach towel!  It is such a special gift and what child (or adult!) couldn’t use another pool or beach towel during the summer months?

I usually stock up on fairly plain (my personal favorite is the striped) beach towels when I see them on sale.  Recently I found a great one on sale at Target in lime green and white stripes for only $6.99. The great thing about lime is that you can then monogram in hot pink for girls or navy blue for boys! Love it when you have a unisex gift on hand!

I have used a place in Newport Beach called The Monogram Store, and it usually ends up being around $12 to monogram, so this makes for a total $20-ish dollar gift.

For an extra special friend or family member where you wanted to give more, you could package the towel in with a straw beach bag, cute swim suit, goggles, swim toys, etc. and make it a swim or beach themed gift.

One of Facebook friends recently said they are doing a group gift for their teacher this year and including a monogrammed beach towel, beach bag, magazines and a book store gift card. Isn’t that a cute idea?

Now, bring on the summer!! I am sooooo ready!


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    Susanne says:

    Such a cute idea! I’m totally doing it~

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