An iComfort Mattress Review ~ One Year Later

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Serta changed my life.  I am not being dramatic. It’s the honest truth. In 2011 I was selected to be a part of a program for bloggers which included a complimentary mattress for review, and it has truly changed my life.

I am sure you must be asking yourself, “how on earth could a mattress company change her life, right!?!?” But, please let me explain.

It has now been a little over a year since my husband and I have been sleeping on our iComfort Prodigy mattress so I thought it would be fitting to do an iComfort update because when I look back, it has truly made an remarkable difference in our lives.

For those of you who weren’t following my blog last year when I originally did my iComfort mattress series, you can click here to read about their unique (FABULOUS) memory foam, here for my original review and here for my review of the motion perfect adjustable base.

I love my mattress so much that I feel the need to tell anyone that will listen about how amazing this bed is.  In fact, I happened to be walking in the mattress section of Macy’s Home Store the other day, and noticed a man looking at the iComfort mattresses talking to the sales guy. I overheard him asking how they were, and I couldn’t help myself, so I walked over, apologized for interrupting, but said, “This mattress is LIFE CHANGING!!” And again, let me disclose we were provided our mattress for free, but I mean EVERY single word.

I thought the sales guy might hug me. Or he might have thought I was a little crazy, but I couldn’t help myself because it’s the truth!

And here is WHY it is so AMAZING...

Before I slept on our iComfort mattress, on average, I would remember waking up at least one, if not two times a night. And often, I would have a problem going back to sleep right away. In the morning, I would typically wake up still feeling tired, even if I had gotten 8 hours of sleep. But looking back, it was 8 interrupted hours due to the tossing and turning.

Now, when sleeping on our iComfort mattress, 90% of the time, I go to sleep and do not wake up until it’s morning. Yes, I will sleep for a solid stretch of  an average of 8 hours. And it is AWESOME!!!! I now wake up earlier on my own, like 6:15am or so, and even have a nice hour to myself before the kids wake up. Even better, when I wake up, I feel rested and ready to start the day.

I fully attribute the fact that I am getting this solid, quality sleep to the iComfort Cool Action Memory Foam, which isolates movement. When my husband rolls over or gets up earlier or goes to bed later, his movement doesn’t wake me up. This has been the number one reason I think this bed is so incredible.

When you wake up night after night of quality sleep, it begins to affect other areas of your life. I exercise more, I am healthier and overall I have more energy. And all of these things work together to make for a better well being. Now I am not saying that the mattress talks to me and encourages me to exercise, but because I wake up early in the morning not feeling tired, I have more energy to get my workouts in.

I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of sleep (quality sleep) to your health and well being.

My husband has also noticed a BIG difference. On our old mattress, most mornings he would wake up with an achy back. His back pain completely went away when we got our iComfort. He loves the bed so much that when we ever sleep away from our home, he will always mention how he can’t wait to get back home to our bed. And I feel the same way. It is the BEST BED EVER.  Again, let me disclose, we were provided a mattress for review by Serta complimentary.

Before getting this mattress, I would probably have not have even considered a memory foam mattress. I had heard they could sleep hot, were rock hard, and I don’t know, and it seemed a little foreign to me after sleeping on an innerspring mattress for my whole life.

But the iComfort is NOT hot, thanks to the Cool Action Gel in the memory foam, and our model is plush, yet also super supportive, far from being rock hard. After sleeping on our iComfort Prodigy for the year, I can safely say, I will never sleep on another type of bed again, and I am a Serta memory foam fan for life.

If you are in the market for or need a new mattress, I can’t more highly recommend you find a store by you and go and test them out for yourself. And if I happen to see you in the store, don’t be surprised if I come over and tell you myself just how much I love this bed.

Serta also offers a 120-day in home trial, where you can sleep on your new mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, and if you are for any reason not satisfied within 120 days, you can exchange or return it (policies set by local retailer, ask your store for details.)

And don’t even get me STARTED on the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base.  That is a whole other post on it’s own. Stay tuned.

We were blessed beyond words to receive this mattress complimentary from Serta as a result of my involvement in their Blogger program last year when the iComfort mattresses first came out, but knowing what I know now, if my husband and I would have had to purchase a new mattress, I would have saved our pennies until we could afford to buy it ourself. It is worth every single dollar.  It’s that good.

So, when Serta contacted me again about working with them for their 2012 program, I almost jumped through my screen yelling, “YES!” Because when I love something this much, it is my absolute joy to be able to share it with the world.

Nighty night friends, thanks for listening to my Serta iComfort love affair!


[Disclosure: I was a participant of the Serta Blogger Program last year and received my iComfort mattresses compliments of Serta. For the program for 2012 I will also be receiving additional products for our household for review. All opinions are my 100% honest ones, as always!]



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  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    I can not agree more with this post! I was the VERY LUCKY winner of the Tiny Oranges Serta iComfort give away and let me tell you that just like Jen it has changed my life! I too sleep uninterrupted and wake up earlier feeling so well rested. My husband and I love the adjustable bed for reading and tv viewing but most of all it is the quality of sleep! We will never ever go back to a regular mattress again……. I tell everyone I know to buy this mattresses! It would be the perfect bed for an expecting mama too…. really it’s the perfect bed for everyone! So another BIG thank you to Serta and to Jen for this amazing mattress!

    • 2
      Jen says:

      I love that you love it as much as I do!!! And I have thought the same thing – I soooo wish I had this bed when I was pregnant! The adjustable base is the best thing since sliced bread. I am relaxing in it in the lounge position as I type right now!! Love!

    • 3
      Michael Graser says:

      I have a 1.5 year old king for sale. I am getting twin XL 2 ea mattresses to replace my king. She likes it up and I flat…we both love our mattress.

      • 4
        Wayne says:

        Still have this? If so where are you? Nebraska here. Close? And how much?

        • 5
          jen says:

          Absolutely! Visit and put your zip code in where it says “Find a Retailer Near You” and a list of stores that sell the Serta mattresses will come up. Good luck!

  2. 6
    Candice says:

    We just bought a mattress from Macy’s and hate it!! We have a one time exchange and did like the Serra icomfort. Your blog is soo helpful! 🙂

    • 7
      Jen says:

      Candice – I honestly couldn’t love this mattress anymore. Go back to Macy’s and spend a lot of time trying out each one. We went with the Prodigy and it is pure heaven (like I needed to even say that again!!!) Let me know what you end up deciding.

  3. 8
    Karen says:

    I’ve had one for a year now and LOVE it still! I got on the internet today to see if anyone has begun to sleep hot. I have and knowing that a night sweat could be due to several things, I made this my first consideration. Does the “cool” action wear of, I’m wondering? I just returned home yesterday from our beach house and had no hot sweats during the night. Now, comfortably back in my favorite bed ever, I again had a night sweat! I will keep checking around with other sites. The bed is so new that there isn’t much data.

    • 9
      jen says:

      Hi Karen – Thanks for your comment. I haven’t had had any experience with getting night sweats or getting hot on our iComfort, that is so weird it would start happening all of a sudden!

      Maybe you could try switching mattress covers? Maybe your mattress pad is not as breathable as it could be or is or causing heat build up?

      Serta mentioned that a breathable mattress pad/cover is really important.

      Let me know how it goes – and what you find out.

  4. 10
    Margie Taglialatela says:

    So glad I found your blog. I have been considering. And after trying in the store I was pretty well sold. My husband calls me the Princess and the Pea, because I alwasy can feel coils in our mattress, no matter how expensive or thick the mattress. I have a feather bed on it now. I am going out tomorrow to purchase the Icomfort.

  5. 11
    Charlie says:

    We have had our Sevant for 60 days now. This is the worst mattress that I have ever slept on. It is as hard as a rock and I can hardly walk for the first 15 minutes each morning. I bought this to help my back pain and it made it worse. The Scrunch pillows are a real joke. I wasted $200 on those “Couch cusions” that are as hard as a rock too. The dealer will take the matress back, but not the bed frame, which is just the standard box spring. I will lose $450 on that and $200 on the pillows. My wife used her pillow for one night and I fought with mine for four nights. The dealer would not take them back. they are still in the plastic and boxes. I called Serta and they give me the web address for their supplier, who never returned my email. Serta has the worst customer service and I will never buy their products again. So I am not writing this to get free products, but to tell people the truth about a very lousy company with poor products.

    • 12
      jen says:

      Charlie – I am so sorry to hear about your experience. My husband and I are both thrilled with the Prodigy, and have never slept better. Everyone I have had contact with at Serta has been phenomenal. Again, I am sorry about your frustrations and hope you find resolution.

  6. 13
    dawn says:

    Worst mattress EVER!!!!! My husband and I spent hours in Macy’s looking for a bed and finally decided on the I Comfort. I was super excited and could hardly wait to have it delivered! We received our matress on Thursday and this is now my 4th night of horrible, super hot, non sleep!
    I have never woken up with such horrible pain in my back or soaking wet!!! I have turned the a/c down to 74 and am still so hot! I saw the suggestion for a different mattress pad however I was told by the sales rep that I had to use this $168.00 pad on the bed or our warranty would be void.
    I am callng first thing in the morning to get this out of here immediately. So sad and really thinking about sleeping in the guest room or on the couch which seems much more comfortable right now…

    • 14
      Eric says:

      Average room temp is 70. If you turned the temp down to 74 it should be hot as hell

  7. 15
    Jeanne says:

    Worst mattress ever!!! Not to mention I bought a king size and std king sheets do not fit. they are too large!!!, worst customer service ever. Never ever will I purchase Serta again. Check the dimentions before buying, I have almost a perfect square, the filled sheet has to be tucked in on all sides. $2500 down the tubes. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

  8. 16
    Jeanne says:

    Hey Jen, how much are you getting paid, you sound like an advertisement. This mattress is hot and I use the over priced one they sold me. Did you measure your mattress as I was told (after purchasing) that they could run “a few inches” off, try 4.5. sheets do not fit. If this is so perfect Jen, I will happily sell it to you as we certainly do not sleep on it.

  9. 17
    jen says:

    Jeanne – I am sorry to hear about your experience and that you do not share my same opinion. I absolutely love my Serta mattress and I only write about companies and products I am authentically passionate about. My blog is based on my authentic opinions. I have never slept better in my life since sleeping on my iComfort Prodigy. Two years later and it is still as comfortable as it was in the beginning. I used standard sized sheets before, and never noticed a problem with them fitting. Now I have the special iComfort sheets that are made to fit the matttress and adjustable base, and I love them because it has elastic that keeps the corners secure and fits perfectly.
    Again, I am sorry for your experience, but I love my bed and if I didn’t feel that way, I would not write about it. Good luck.

  10. 18

    This is helpful!

  11. 19
    Amy says:

    It is nice to know you are happy with your mattress. We purchased our icomfort in January 2013. We slept Ok on it at first, but since then things have only gone downhill. I had to take up about 3 inches on all of our fitted sheets so they would fit our icomfort mattress which is smaller than a traditional queen. Now, a few months after the purchase both my husband and I wake up a few times each night, usually hot (I know, I know, it has been a warm summer) and with some aches we did not have with our previous mattress. My only plan now is to go purchase a mattress topper and hope it will make the sheets fit better and help us sleep with fewer pains.

  12. 20
    tammy says:

    Glad to hear you’re happy with the mattress – we’re reading very mixed reviews, especially about impressions left in the mattress and difficulty getting out of the “pockets” formed by these impressions.

    Any idea how the oracle model compares to the one you have?


  13. 21
    Jen says:

    Hi Tammy! I have had zero issues with any impressions. We have the iComfort Prodigy and both my girls have the iSeries Merit.I don’t know how the model you mention compares. I would suggest spending a lot of time in the store trying them out. Your body will naturally respond to a certain model that is most comfortable for you.

  14. 22

    My husband and I just purchased our icomfort bed . Our first bed beyond cheap mattresses. I must say that we are in love!!!! Had It 3 days and it is marvelous. Notice a big difference. We wake up really sore and achy all the time. And I would have tremendous pain in my legs and feet. But now limited pain and aches and soreness. Will definitely do a new review in 3 months to let you know how it feels after it is broke in. Ttyl

    • 23
      jen says:

      April, I so appreciate you taking the time to comment on your positive experience with your iComfort. We felt exactly the same way – after sleeping on a cheap mattress for 15 years, the difference in our quality sleep after getting our iComfort was tremendous. Please check back in as the months go on – and again, thanks for your feedback. Sweet dreams!

  15. 24
    Mark says:

    After two years with the I-Comfort Prodigy…it has completely broken down and now feels like I’m sleeping on a bed of soft pillows with zero support. This has led to severe back problems for both my wife and I. Considering it was “rock hard” for the first 30 days….I should have know the bed would continue to soften up as it got older. Unfortunately…it didn’t stop softening up when it was perfect at 2-8 months…..

  16. 25
    Jen says:

    Hi Mark,
    That seems unusual, my husband and I have the iComfort Prodigy and have slept on it for almost 2 1/2 years. It is the same firmness now as it was in the beginning.

  17. 26
    sara says:

    We bought the Icomfort mattress over a year ago and we love it. We purchased the firmest model. We were so unfortable with our Stearns and Foster and that mattress was very expensive. Does everyone else use a matress pad? I do and very crisp cotton sheets 400 thread count Ralph Lauren. It makes a difference to me. Those sheets also help to me to stay cool sleep comfortably. We purchased another mattress for my guest room in June and recently had a guest stay the weekend and she asked about the wonderful mattress she slept on! I told her about the Icomfort. So, I guess it’s not for everyone. BUt my husband and I give it thumbs up even after a year. 🙂

    • 27
      jen says:

      I am so happy you love your iComfort as much as I do! We are 2 1/2 years into sleeping on it and love it just as much as the beginning.

  18. 28
    theresa hamilton says:

    I’ve had my Icomfort for 3 yrs. Within the first year it sagged. I also woke cool on top but back was sweating.Even though they exchanged the Mattress I still feel the “icool ” part was left out. I feel I didn’t get what I paid for. That’s a lot of money to pay for a mattress and unless I cut open the matress there’s no way to prove my suspicion. Which I may, then send a picture. I feel the company needs to make this right. No, I wouldn’t have hot flashes just on my back side. Very disappointed.

  19. 29
    Marcy says:

    We just had our new Icomfort Directions Inception King mattress delivered one week ago. I cannot find sheets to fit and it is very frustrating. I have read that the king mattress is not the same size as a traditional king mattress?? Is this correct because the salesperson should have informed us of that before we spent a ton of money on this mattress. I just need fitted sheets that fit. It’s extremely frustrating but if it is not the same size then what am I supposed to do. Might be returning it, at the moment disappointed.

  20. 30
    jen says:

    Marcy – I also have a King and have been able to use both the Serta specific iComfort sheets and a regular king sheet. Is the problem that the sheets are too big or too small?

  21. 31
    Marcy says:

    The sheets I had purchased, the fitted one was way too big. It had like at least 4″ all the way around of extra fabric and it would pile up on the bed. Since the mattress is only 11″ high, I can’t find shallow pocket sheets only deep pocket ones.

  22. 32
    Jen says:

    Marcy – I am looking into this for you! Thanks for the details!

  23. 33
    Jen says:

    Hi Marcy, I asked Serta about this and this is what they said,

    “A king size mattress will measure approximately 76” x 79.5” (+/- 1”). This applies to all Serta mattresses, including iComfort.
    Many sheet producers make sheets to fit mattresses up to certain widths. This customer could consider shopping for custom fit sheets which means she may have to research what’s available in her area, or she could consider sheet clips.
    If you want more info, you can call 888-55-SERTA (888-557-3782) with additional questions.”

    I hope this helps! I haven’t had a problem with the sheets fitting – you might just need to try a different type? Hope you get it figured out! xo

  24. 34
    BullDog says:

    My wife and I are in the market for a new mattress. Came across this blog. Very informative if you are to believe a “paid” blogger… Hmmmm?

    • 35
      jen says:

      Dear BullDog,
      I am compensated for my time to put together my posts. All opinions are 100% my own. If you don’t believe me, just go and try the iComfort out for yourself in the store. Most comfortable bed ever.

  25. 36
    Lakshmi says:

    Can I machine wash my icomfort mattress cover?

    • 37
      jen says:

      Hi Lakshmi,
      The iComfort mattress cover is not to be washed, instead always use a good mattress protector.

  26. 38
    Stacey P says:

    I was totally against a memory foam mattress since my parents have one and it was hard. I originally loved my old mattress because it was like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. But then I lost my husband to the couch!! So I went to a mattress store, laid on the serta I comfort prodigy mattress and fell in love! I purchased it two weeks ago. I’m going yo get my daughter one as well. Mine came with two I comfort pillows and they r like sleeping on air. My husband even asked me if they had air in them! I got a mattress pad also. I paid $2042.

    • 39
      admin says:

      Thanks for sharing Stacey! I hope you love your iComfort as much as we do!

  27. 40
    April Bizzell says:

    Had my mattress a little over a year and I am still comfortable. It sure beats a hard mattress we slept on for 5years! In the summer I have noticed that it’s hot and in the winter it’s perfect. Keep checking for post in the summer maybe I have hot flashes. Lol

    • 41
      jen says:

      Hi April, I haven’t noticed ours sleeping hot in the summer but we don’t live in a very hot area. Keep me posted this summer.

  28. 42
    Tracy harris says:

    I’m seriously considering the I comfort by Serta, we’ve been to the store twice to try it I love the zero gravity position!!!! It’s like all your aches and pains disappear but it is very expensive (over 3000) plus warranty etc. I’m worried by what I read about longevity as we are buying this our third mattress in five years for hubby with a bad back injury. Yikes hard decision!!!

    • 43
      jen says:

      I feel you Tracy! It’s a big decision and investment. In my opinion it is totally worth it!!! We love ours! Check your retailer for their policies on satisfaction, and I would really suggest taking your time in the store testing them out. The Motion Perfect Base will be the best thing that ever happened to you! We use the adjustable features every day!!! Good luck!!!

  29. 44
    Sloan says:

    I don’t know If this information will help anyone but I went to mattess firm and they are selling the floor models so I got the box spring/ icomfort insight for 700 with tax. It hasn’t been delivered for me too give any review but it makes it easier on the pocketbook.

  30. 45
    Karen says:

    My mother, who is 78, recently purchased an Icomfort Inception from a store which was closingf. I believe it was a floor model. It has a zipper around the base of the mattress, what is this for? It seems as though something is missing. She also purchased the matching box spring.

  31. 46
    kaye says:

    I have this upper back pain since Nov, I tried massage it helped but still waking up with very stiff and sore back, we bought a memory foam pillow and it helped a little bit but still has the back pain everyday, we bought (at last) icomfort mattress and was delivered yesterday, we tried it last night and has no regrets on buying the mattress, it really works and i loved waking up without back pain. 🙂

    • 47
      jen says:

      Kaye – I hope it helps your back! Totally helped my husband and took away his back pain. Keep us posted.

  32. 48
    Steve says:

    Don’t buy this mattress. This reviewer sounds like she’s been overcome by the fact that she got something for free. My wife and I have had an iComfort for about two years now, and we hate it. It started out great. It’s a firm mattress, which is exactly what we wanted. However, over time it’s gotten mushier and mushier. We turn it every two weeks, and it’s fine for a few days after turning, but then it gets mushy again. On top of that, there’s a big problem with my wife rolling into me. I’m about 230 lbs and she’s about 130 lbs. We end up meeting in the middle of our queen mattress every night. That sounds nice, but if you’re stuck there it’s not.

  33. 49
    Becca says:

    We just had our Serta iComfort Prodigy delivered 2 days ago and I couldn’t be any more in love with it!!! It was money well spent and I have never slept better in my life!

  34. 50
    gary says:

    I have this same mattress and have nothing but problems so have a lot others we can see how you are so biased this mattress has had many of neg reviews

  35. 51
    tanya mac donald says:

    I have owned an comfort bed now for little over a year and I must say I love it. I may get a little hot at times but not sure if it due to the bed itself. I am asleep within minutes when i go to bed and will now sleep through out the entire night. I wake up refreshed and energized in the am which is grrreat, I can not say enough good about this bed so happy i purchased one.

  36. 52
    Elizabeth says:

    I have had my I-comfort for three months now and I absolutely love it. Im a side sleeper and it perfectly supports my hips and it conforms to my body. I did experience that sinking feel when I first got it as memory foam performs differently than springs. That took some getting used to but it feels like sleeping on a cloud. Im holding out hope that it maintains this comfort over time but I’m highly pleased for now.

  37. 53
    Mandy says:

    Any suggestions how to get a stain out of the mattress cover?

    • 54
      jen says:

      Hi Mandy, This was the response from Serta,

      “As for the stains, we recommend avoiding getting the mattress wet so the foam doesn’t get damaged. But, you can spot clean with warm water and mild detergent if necessary, being sure not to saturate the mattress and letting it dry completely before putting the covers back on. Some professional cleaning companies treat mattresses as well.”

      Good luck!

  38. 55
    Leslie says:

    After purchasing a traditional matress which I hate I am looking into exchanging it at macys for an iconfort. If so many people are complaining about sagging and the overall wear of the matress after a short time, why haven’t they contacted the manufacturer for a replacement. Isn’t that what the warranty is for?

    • 56
      Tim says:

      It’s because the warranty only covers a 1 inch or greater sag in its natural state (meaning when you’re not on the mattress). People have problems when they’re lying on the bed and it’s not supporting their body. I’m in this same boat and am considering carving up the mattress and replacing the top layer of foam myself. I bought an iComfort savant over a year ago. Also it can sleep hot. That’s my wife’s complaint. She doesn`t have back pain, but is mostly a side sleeper.

  39. 57
    Lindsey says:

    My husband and I have had our iComfort Prodgy bed for 3.5 years now and love it. We had been sleeping on a cheap box spring mattress prior to our purchase of the iComfort and we are so happy to have made the switch. We didn’t purchase the matching bed frames and instead have a platform bed. The salesman knew we purchased the platform bed frame & suggested that we add some plywood underneath the mattress for extra stability & he was spot on. I will never purchase a ‘normal’ box spring mattress again because I am an iComfort sleeper for life! Also, I was not compensated by Serta for this review, but I have gladly recommended the iComfort line to anyone who is looking for a new mattress.

  40. 58
    Shelley Connell says:

    I love my IComfort bed but have a question. We are having trouble zipping the zipper at the end of the bed. It doesn’t lock up like a regular zipper, are we doing something wrong? The end of the bed when elevated sticks straight up with out bending to the contoure of the frame. It is a queen size. Any suggestions?

    • 59
      jen says:

      Hi Shelley! I had a hard time with how to answer this, so I asked my friends at Serta, and they replied, ” The zipper is used to attach the mattress to the adjustable base, so perhaps this was not set up correctly by the delivery company. I would suggest that the customer calls Ergomotion who manufactures our Motion Perfect and Motion Custom bases. They can be reached at 1-888-550-3746.” Good luck!

  41. 60
    Jordan says:

    IComfort is by far the worst mattress I’ve ever owned! Sagging before a year old, causes terrible back pain, customer service and the warranty is a joke. Paid $2000 to never get a good nights sleep! But don’t listen to me, search the 1000’s of similar complaints online. Please don’t purchase a IComfort and make the same mistake we did.

    • 61
      admin says:

      Jordan, I am so sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your iComfort. We love ours!

  42. 62
    Laurie says:

    I have an icomfort savant on the way. It’s a king size, and I need to purchase a mattress protector. Do you have any suggestions for which one to buy?

  43. 63
    Andy says:

    I made a huge mistake by buying this WORST icomfort Genius. Is there any way I can get my money back? Its been only 10 days.

    • 64
      Laurie says:

      You should have a warranty on it. I think it depends on where you bought it from, too.

  44. 65
    Bud says:

    So it appears that icomfort mattresses are either liked or hated….. Just like every other mattress. My wife and I love ours as it is cool to sleep on and firm. We have had it for a little more than 1 year. One reviewer complained it was hot but their room is 74 deg! We keep our house at 67 or 68 in the winter and 70 in the summer and if we feel warm we just turn on the ceiling fan. I have trouble breathing when I think it’s too wrm so the fan solves that problem but it’s not th fault of the mattress. I like that I don’t sink into a hole anymore like I did with the previous mattress which was one of the no name our mattress is as good or better than the national brands.

  45. 66 says:

    We purchased a Serta iComfort Savant king mattress and adjustable bed frame for $5,500 in September 2012. For the first 2 years this mattress was the most comfortable mattress we’d ever slept on. However, like many other consumers experienced, this mattress failed rapidly within an astonishing 2 months. The mattress was so uncomfortable, we had to purchase new, in fact within three days after waking with pain. It was analogous to sleeping in a hot dog bun. After reading other consumers’ experiences of paying $35 to have an inspection, then if approved, pay $200 delivery fee for another Serta iComfort we realized this was ludicrous. It appears it is a contrived no win situation and a ruse that Serta is employing to avoid honoring a warranty. We decided to just replace the king mattress with a Tempurpedic. Although it makes us very upset to have additional cost for a mattress, caused by a company we trusted, we don’t want to fight Serta, just to obtain another faulty product. We will remove SERTA products from our future purchases.

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