Wittlebee = Amazing Children’s Clothes, No Malls.

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I am a shopper.  I can shop ’til I drop, and then get a venti iced coffee and find another store.  I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but with two kids, a husband, a part time job,  trying to keep the house together, fixing meals and fitting in some exercise somewhere- who has the time?!?!  Enter Wittlebee = amazing children’s clothes, no malls.

Wittlebee is a subscription clothing club for kids that saves parents time & money.  Curious how it works?

Parents sign up by filling out their Style Profile to let the people over at Wittlebee know a little bit about how you dress your child.  Then they have the option to have a call with a Wittlebee Mom Stylist to confirm their order and answer any questions.   Next thing they know there’ll be a custom box of new clothes shipped right to their door every month!

I thought this was so funny- show me a Mom who doesn’t know the Mall Meltdown?  When the suckers have run out and the bribes have stopped working?!

Each box has a retail value of at least $100 but a membership is only $39.99 per month (and shipping is FREE).  I love a bargain!  Especially when it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.

As the child grows, the sizes change and as the seasons change, so do the types of clothes sent!   And Wittlebee make it easy to pause or cancel your subscription at any time…

I don’t know about you, but I easily blow an extra $40 at Target each month and then my kid winds up in the same clothes as all of her friends.  Wah wah…

They feature a wide selection of brands:

Tea Collection        American Apparal

Lately Lilly        Baby Lulu

Calvin Klein        Carter’s

Gioberti        Luca Charles

Paul Frank        Laughing Giraffe

Teddy Boom        Wes and Willy

Twirly Girl        Kicky Pants

Wouldn’t a Wittlebee subscription make an adorable baby shower gift?  Here are some sample boxes:

With Wittlebee your kiddos wardrobe will be taken care of- and maybe you can put the extra money,time & focus into your own look?!?  Wouldn’t that be fun!

Check Wittlebee out on PinterestFacebook & Twitter!


 1-888-WITTLEBEE (1-888-948-8532)

{Wittlebee is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor- we are thrilled to be sharing them with you!  PS- They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!}


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  1. 1
    Paige says:

    Great concept!

    • 2

      Isn’t it? Susanne and I loved the concept – and to get quality clothes for only $40 – we thought was a great deal.

      Not to mention the time saved from having to shop yourself!

      I also think it’s fun to have a little surprise, maybe things that you wouldn’t normally choose yourself.

      • 3
        Paige says:

        Absolutely – I also like that they have a referral program to earn credits.

  2. 4

    Jen, I love this. Since the dawn of internet shopping the malls have not seen my face. Okay, I take that back. They have. This site looks like a homerun! Thanks for sharing.

    • 5
      Jen says:

      Isn’t it a fun concept?! Love!

  3. 6
    Leigh says:

    So cool! Only bummer is that they only go to size 5t. I totally wanted to sign up for my 6yr old daughter!

    • 7
      jen says:

      I thought the same thing – will give them the feedback! Would love this for Emma (she would too…!)

    • 8
      Jen says:

      Leigh – older sizes on their way – heard from Wittlebee on Twitter. Stay tuned – yippee!

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