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My friend Leigh is an instructor at YAS in East Costa Mesa. Have you heard of YAS? Standing for “Yoga and Spin” it’s the first studio dedicated to the combination of yoga and spinning.

People have raved about their classes and I have always wanted to try it, so I got my booty out of bed at 5:20am to make it to her 6:00am YAS class which she teaches every M/W/F morning from 6 – 7am.

Not gonna lie, it was early. I usually get up around 6:15am, so it was not THAT much earlier, but it felt like it when the alarm went off.  But here’s the thing – once you are UP – it isn’t that bad! Plus, to walk out at 7am with a kick (you know what) workout behind me felt pretty awesome.

They are giving Tiny Oranges readers a special of 5 classes for $50 (first time clients) so you can try it out too. And don’t worry, you don’t have to go at 6am, they have lots of classes to chose from. But let me tell you, Leigh is so awesome she is worth the early morning wake up!

The YAS class is a combo class that includes a 30-minute spin workout, followed by a 30-minute yoga class.

The studio offers three different types of classes: Yoga for Athletes (yoga alone, all levels, from beginning to Yoga for Athletes – Ripped!), YAS Indoor Cycling (spinning alone) and then the YAS Class which is the combo.

I LOVED the YAS Class! I have been a spinner off and on for years, to me, it is one of the best cardio workouts ever. Leigh is totally inspiring, not intimidating and kept motivating us to see just how much more we could challenge ourselves.

And to those of you who are scared of spinning, I hear you, I was scared before I tried it too. But here’s the thing, you can ease into it and adjust the intensity! You are not going to keel over and fall off the bike. I promise. Start off easy, and then work up to a great challenge. Take it from me –  you might even love it.

So after 30 minutes of pretty intense, heart pumping spinning, just when you want to look at your watch thinking, “How much MORE can I do at this level?” – it’s over! I haven’t sweat like that in a class in awhile.

Then we headed over to the yoga studio.

I never stretch like I should after a workout. I often tell myself I will stretch at home when I end a class, but once I am sucked into home demands, I rarely ever get to it.

To be able to spend 30 minutes doing yoga AFTER spinning was amazing. Lots of breathing, toning poses, some great ab work, and deep stretching. It felt amazing.

I walked out feeling like a million bucks.

Again, if you would like to try it out for yourself, mention “Tiny Oranges” to take advantage of their special offer of “5 Classes for $50” good for first time clients!



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